>Twenty Niners

>Before I able/afford to try the “REAL” luxury wagyu beef, how about have some “warm up” ?At Twenty Niners (29ers) , a newly open Japanese style steak house, I discovered this. Wagyu Hamburg (RM 18.00)The outlook didn’t impress me at all so did the taste too 🙁The hamburg consisted of minced “wagyu” beef (but I doubt is there any?), carrot, […]

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>It’s durian season now (June – August), let’s eat durian puas puas!!!Eat-All-You-Can buffet steamboat or Japanese food no longer a strange among us, how about EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN DURIAN? Let’s the durian feast started!!!! Hill of Durians!!! Just paid RM 9.00 (Weekday) or RM 15.00 (Saturday, Sunday &Public Holiday) per pax, you can enjoy these rich, “smelly” & creamy flesh of the […]

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>Samantha 10 Months old

>Samantha is 10 months old now 🙂 Look at her satisfying face with her latest favorite snack – cucumber slice =.=” Irresponsible mommy didn’t clean up the daughter before take photo ^.^ Hair had been shaved, call me BOTAK!!!! Over excited little Sam with pretty Emily ~~

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