>Camp Forest

>Kepong area is established as a food haven since a lot of new commercial areas opened about >3 years ago. I am sure most of Kepong patrons tried most of it but this Camp Forest is definitely a hidden gem because it really located at a quite “secluded” place. Let’s see the environment of the restaurant.Small fountain & pond. Fat-fat […]

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>Happy City Steamboat

>What is the best remedy for the miserable, wet & gloomy weather recently? Steamboat lah for sure!!! I’ve been patronising this Happy City Steamboat for quite a sometime which as usual alway packed. The owner even fully occupied the pavement outside the restaurant!! Tom Yam & Clear Soup They also offer porridge based steamboat which of course come with extra […]

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>D’licious Hot Pot

>This Taiwanese restaurant specializes in all types of hotpot food. Once I entered this restaurant, this special equipment attracted my attention. Cool.. Special huh? But can anyone tell me what is this~~? Healthy Juice – RM 4.90Concoction of Orange juice, honey & EGG YOLK. Yes!! is egg yolk!!! and it didn’t taste weird at all 🙂 Chicken Chop Rice – […]

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