>The Place Kopitiam

>If you look for a eatery whereby you can get a very generous portion of food with minimum of money spending, this place is suitable for you!!! Of course the taste of the food is acceptable or else I won’t introduce this to you 🙂 The Place Kopitiam Located at Damansara Perdana, near K3K Kopitiam. Cincau + soya bean Tom […]

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>看电影已经是农历新年的必备节目,当然我也不例外咯。。。今年—–>灌篮VS外星人? 长江7号CJ7 万众期待的一部电影…看看星爷这次又玩有什么花样? 科幻?飞碟? 温馨&赚人热泪的父子情。眼浅的人要自备手帕哦。。。(看见老公也偷偷抹眼泪哦 :P)当然少不了搞笑场面 🙂 功夫灌篮 (Kung Fu Dunk) 本人觉得有”少林足球”的影子哦…一样是功夫+球类运动PS : 迷别骂我哦 🙁 有赤手可热的偶像 夸张的电脑特技 搞笑场面 可能我是个不严格的观众,所以我觉得两部电影都值得一看。至少可以它们做到了娱乐观众的目的,哈哈!!

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>Sit A Spell Cafe

>Get to know this cafe from ling239 which located at Kota Damansara. A comfortable dining area with the used of colour combination of grey + green. Refreshing soursop smoothie (RM 4.90) Darjeeling Tea (RM3.90) Very general portion of potato wedges (RM4.50)Is the most tasty potato wedges I ever try 🙂 Crispy yet flavorful….If u like curly fries from McD, then […]

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