Paradise Dynasty @ Bangsar Village II

There has been so much rave & enthusiasm about Paradise Dynasty’s legendary Xiao Long Bao (XLB) that come in a rainbow of eight varieties. I was at Paradise Dynasty Bangsar Village II branch 2 weeks ago to try out the XLB and also their Fortune Pot which not only available when Chinese New Year but throughout the year! This definitely a good news for a foodie like me because I do not need to wait a whole year to enjoy the poon choy!


Fortune Pot available for both dine in and takeaway, please call 2 days in advance to make booking .



Here came our Fortune Pot, luxuriously loaded with 16 ingredients such as abalones, scallops, sea cucumbers, goose feet, crystal prawns, fish maws, mushrooms, dried oysters, chicken and more. All those lavish ingredients were submerged in a moreish and thick abalone sauce, this much explained that why there is no heat source underneath like other poon choy, because the heat will burn the precious abalone gravy.




All the ingredients were meticulously prepared to ensure the best texture and flavor. The abalone broth was dense and burst with flavors which complemented each ingredients perfectly!



Are you ready for the feast? Yes I am *nodding head non-stop*



Seem like my plate was too small to put all the ingredients! *calling waiter for a BIGGER plate :P*



I really can’t take my eyes off my plate brimming with all the luscious ingredients and I had my sweet own time enjoyed them one by one~~



Deep Fried Silver Buns

The delicious abalone gravy is great to mop it up with Paradise Dynasty house made buns. (steamed or deep fried). The bun has an exceptionally crispy outer with fluffy soft inner, very addictive and good even eat it alone. A can’t miss when you are here!



Signature Dynasty Xiao Long Bao 


The XLB come in multitude of colors with each consisting different ingredients such as original (translucent white), foie gras (orange), black truffle (black),crab roe (light orange), ginseng (green), cheese (yellow),   garlic (grey) and Szechuan (pink).


The XLB has a thin skin encasing the warm savory broth moistening filling within, we were recommended to savor this without the usual shredded ginger and vinegar to enjoy the respective flavors of the XLB.



Wantan Soup with Bamboo Shoot & Vegetable

Echoing the concept of sister restaurant Paradise Inn to serve good soup, this wantan soup screamed for attention too for its superbly rich and dense pork bone broth. Long hours of boiling rendering a milky, thick and collagen laden soup which will definitely incite your taste bud!


Poached Chicken in Szechuan Style

Also literally known as “saliva chicken” (口水鸡), the boneless poached chicken was served cold, bathe in a pool of chili oil then topped with crushed peanut, spring onion, coriander and chili paste. The spiciness may not enough to set your mouth on fire but it was a tongue-tingling and numbing experience, I love it!



Sauteed Beef with Assorted Mushrooms

The tender beef slices were sauteed with special bean paste sauce, savory and went well with rice.



Deep-fried Diced Chicken in Szechuan Style

Beware, the addiction will kicks in once the first piece is savored! Deep fried boneless chicken pieces were crispy and tender accompanied with the heat from the dried chili, I just can’t get enough of this!



Baked Water Prawns with Garlic & Butter

This will only available in their set lunch menu and I think I’ll come back for this for sure!


Look at the sexy huge prawns with abundance of luscious roes, an indulgence worthy of every calories it packs!


The freshness of the prawns was unquestionable, baked with the delectable butter and garlic sauce which was not too overpowering but provided ambrosial garlic aroma that enticed one to dig in!



Radish Pastry

A much raved dish by her and I must seconded because the pastry was buttery, flaky and melt-in-mouth, wrapped a filling of sweet juicy shredded radish.



Pan Fried Pumpkin Pastry

This dessert to me was an incarnation of Nian Gao we had when Chinese New Year, slightly chewy texture with tinge of sweetness from the pumpkin.



Soufflé Egg White Balls stuffed with Red Bean and Banana

The souffle egg ball was airy light and filled with mashed red bean and banana, a dessert that not commonly available, don’t forget to order it when you are here at Paradise Dynasty.



Almond Pudding

The almond taste was in full blast, definitely can satiated the almond lover.



Open kitchen at the facade of the restaurant.




The interior design in Paradise Dynasty, Bangsar Village II deserves special mention because a lot of thought has obviously gone into it. From the grey terracotta tiles , bronze colour wall with rusty effect and the most unique hemisphere crystal adorned walls.



Another section with big round tables to accommodate bigger group. The use of earth tone furniture combined with the grey theme decors has created a serene and classic feel that suitable for all occasions.



There are also 2 private rooms.


Verdict: The food was undeniable on top notch and the Fortune Pot that available throughout the year definitely a good excuse to revisit 😛


Paradise Dynasty
Lot 2F-17, Level 2
Bangsar Village II
Jalan Telawi 2,
59100 Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603-22017022
Operation hours – 11am – 10pm
Open Daily (last order 9:30)
1F-15, Level 1, Paradigm Mall,
No. 1, Jalan SS7/26A,
Kelana Jaya 4730, Petaling Jaya, Selangor D.E.
Tel: +603-78875022
Operation hours – 11am – 10pm
Open Daily (last order 9:30)


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