Parenting: DIY Tulle Skirt (No-Sew Method)

I always want to get Samantha a tulle skirt aka tutu skirt as I think every little princess deserves a pretty tutu. However a tutu skirt can easily cost a hundred and above if you get it from boutique which definitely over my budget ~>_<~ Recently I saw a friend shared her DIY tulle skirt for he little princess and this idea intrigued my interest to make Sam one too! The process was extremely easy and no sewing is required!


Tulle (at least 5 mtrs for an ankle-length tutu )

Elastic (1/2″-3/4″ size is fine)

Scissors, thread, needle




Step 1: Cut the elastic to your child’s measurement. Fold the elastic so that the ends meet and overlap. Use a needle and thread to secure the elastic loop.



Step 2: Cut strips of tulle “DOUBLE” the size of your desired length (for example the length of your skirt is 30cm then you should cut the tulle strips in 60cm.) For width, I cut into 16 – 18cm.



Step 3: Put the elastic wristband on something that can support the loop just like photo above.



Step 4: Bring the loop of your tulle up and over the inside of the elastic. The top of the loop will be beneath the elastic waistband and the bottom of tulle will be above.



Step 5: With the loop still beneath the elastic, grab both of the ends of the tulle strip and pull them through your upper fabric loop.



Step 6: Pull tight to create a knot around the top.



Step 7: Repeat with the remaining tulle strips. As you are adding the tulle strips, occasionally push the top knots together. This will stretch the elastic a bit to give you extra room to add more strips for a really full tutu. Repeat until you make it around the entire waistband and can no longer see the elastic.



This is how the tulle skirt looks like! You may trim the bottom of the skirt if you want a neater finish.



My model 🙂



Green + Red combination, an excellent party dress for this coming Christmas!



She love it and can’t wait for wearing it to the Christmas party! Anyone wanna date me?

Here’s some example of  different tulle skirts DIY which you get you hands on! (but both are in Chinese)

Example 1

Example 2



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