Pork Ball Noodle @ Wing Heng Seng Coffee Shop, Imbi

I vaguely remember my first visit to this infamous pork ball noodle stall was N years ago by my friend after a morning jogging session at Taman Tasik Perdana. Oh, how time flies, it’s had been xx years ago~~ (PS: xx years because disincline to face it that I’m so old already >.<” )


The pork ball noodle stall is located at a corner lot coffee shop at Jalan Imbi, same row with Sakura Restaurant. The place is usually very packed when breakfast time especially this stall both dine-in and take away.

The boss was preparing the noodle.


Pork ball (zhu yuk yun) in big pail ready to be cooked.


Some pickled chili with soy sauce was served after the ordering.


Pork Ball Noodle (Small)

The pork ball noodle comes in soup or dry version, and you get to choose from kuih teow, mee hun, yellow noodle or lou she fun. Portion was decent with bouncy pork balls & flavorful pork sausage (siu cheong). The soup was burst with porky taste perhaps the long boiling period of pork bone.


Pork Ball Noodle (Small with additional pork balls)

The dry version was equally tantalizing too; generously topped with well flavored minced pork. The pork balls & pork sausages were served separately in a bowl with soup.


Prices is clearly stated.

I heard that the pork noodle here is quite good too, will try out if I happen to pop by.


  Wing Heng Seng

  Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur.


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