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I just came back from my Hong Kong trip 2 months ago and what impressed me the most definitely their food. Ranging from local street snack, authentic Hong Kong dim sum, wonton mee to international gourmet from all over the world, you name it they have it, a truly Food Heaven indeed!

Do you know that there is a special term called “Si Fong Choy” in Cantonese literally translated as “private kitchen of individual’s depiction of a certain cuisine” which origin from Hong Kong? I found that this is quite an interesting concept and I was so surprise when I know that we can have “Si Fong Choy” featuring Hong Kong cuisine here at Malaysia! Private Kitchen nestled at Damansara Utama, leaded by Chef Lam Fai from Hong Kong specialties in authentic Hong Kong cuisine.


Clean and minimalistic in the decor under the soft lighting. There are two floors in the restaurant with one for regular dine-in and one for private function.


Love at First Sight Flower Tea

It was indeed “Love at First Sight”! Watching the blossoming process was enjoyable, not to mention the health benefits of the tea.


Barley Drink

Fragrant and very dense in flavor  and I love munching on the barley.


Long Spring Rolls (RM 10.00)

The appetizer of fried Long Spring Rolls served with Thousand Island sauce.


Shredded Chicken with Private Kitchen Special ‘Ma La’ Sauce (RM 12.00)

Spicy shredded chicken lay on bed of sourish pickled cucumbers, a perfect palate opener for the coming dishes I was about to indulge in.


Arrowroot Soup with Lean Meat and Dried Octopus (RM 6.00)

Long simmering of the pork bones which expelled its natural essence to the broth then the arrowroot, dried octopus and lean meat were add in for double-boiling for the extra nutritious and flavors.


Private Kitchen Stir Fried Prime Beef Fillet with Strawberry Pepper Sauce (RM 28.00)

I will describe this dish as heaven in a bite! The superbly tender beef cubes was sufficiently dressed in a mixture of black pepper and strawberry sauce, savory with subtle fruity hint. This definitely the star of that night! We polished off 2 plates of this effortlessly, ya we had 3 plates of this awesome beef!


Cantonese Chicken with Sand Ginger Sauce

The succulent and smooth chicken accompanied with light chicken essence broth was simple but executed with grace and passion. Dip into the ginger sauce for that extra kicks!


Private Kitchen Typhoon Shelter Prawns with Chili & Garlic (seasonal price)

Not only the presentation was attractive to the eyes, the aroma & flavors were mind-blowing too. Deep fried prawns topped with tonnes of chopped garlic and dried chili had created a wonderful experience to my taste buds.  I confess I don’t like garlic at all but I found myself noming on those fried garlic ^_*


Pan Fried Pork Chop Lemongrass (RM 25.00)

The pork chop was lightly battered then deep fried.  Despite being fried, the pieces of meat were tender and not oily at all. The marinade of lemongrass and other herbs performed the magic here which creating a burst of flavors.


Private Kitchen Braised Chicken in Claypot (RM 22.00)

I was once thought that there were fish balls in the clapot and I know I was wrong when I have a bite into it. Guess what, that was mashed potato ball! Instead of using ordinary potato wedges, Chef Lim gave a lil more hard work to mash the potato then shaped into a ball shape, I bet kids will definitely love this

The soft chicken meat was braised in gravy of  concoction of vinegar, dark soy sauce and soy sauce which is went well with bowls of rice.


Deep Fried Pork Ribs with Special Salad Sauce (RM 32.00)

Pork ribs coated with luscious mayonnaise sauce slightly infused with tomato sauce was moreish but the meat was a tad too fat for my liking 😛


Private Kitchen Sautéed Chinese Chives with Dried Shrimp and Shredded Dried Cuttlefish (RM 18.00)

Chinese chives have a distinctive taste which is not acceptable by many people but fret not, Private Kitchen’s version definitely will transform you to be a fans of this vegetables! The crunchy stalks was stir fried with bean sprout, pork belly, dried shrimp, shredded dried cuttlefish and the most important weapon – the XO sauce.  All those ingredients provide a very heady & glorious flavors that will make one crave for more. Eat your greens!


Portugese-Style Fried Rice with Braised Pork Belly & Seafood (RM 16.00)

Fluffy and flavourful with many ingredients were thrown in such like pork belly, squid, prawns, egg and spring onions.


We left with almost resonating burps, a very satiated dinner indeed. I will definitely go back for more Prime Beef Fillet with Strawberry Pepper Sauce and Sautéed Chinese Chives, and of course explore more of their menu.


  Private Kitchen Hong Kong Cuisine
  103 Jalan SS21/37
   Damansara Utama (Uptown)
  47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
  Tel: +603-7728 8399
  Business hoursLunch: 11.30am – 3.00pm
                                 Dinner: 6.00pm – 10.00pm

  Closed on Tuesdays


Private Kitchen


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