Product Review: Actizen Foot Mask

Product Name: Actizen Foot Mask

Price: RM 39.10 (From Caring Pharmacy)


About Actizen

~ Actizen Masque Exfoliant
~ Made of Fruit Enzymes
~ Salicylic Acid-Free
~ Paraben-Free
~ Treat cracked heels, stubborn foor corns, callus and scars.
~ Claimed to helps you get back your smooth, baby feet with just 1 application!


The packaging


 There are two pouches from the package, cut along the dotted lines and wear it as if you are wearing socks.


1. Cut along the dotted line of the packet.

2. Remove both Actizen Foot Masks from the packet.
3. Wear the Actizen Foot Masks on both feet as if you are wearing socks.
4. Peel off the 2 sides of the waterproof stickers and press them firmly to fit.
5. You may wear socks over the masks to keep the mask in place while you move around.
Note: You may also tie another piece of plastic bag over the feet if you do not wish to wet your floor with foot mask essence while you walk around.
6. Wear foot mask for 120 mins and remove. Rinse feet with water.
7. Recommended to use once a month for initial stage.


Directions of use in clear pictures.


The liquid(essence) in the mask make my feet a little bit uncomfortable when wearing it. The heat/warmth will trap in the plastic socks.



Before wearing the masks. I had callus on my feet and quite a severe cracked heels.


Warning: Gross pictures ahead, please stay away if you are eating ~~ lol


One day after the application of the foot mask, nothing happen.


But looks what happen on my feet on the 3rd day onwards!






Dead skins on my feet gradually peeled off automatically & guess what? I enjoyed peeling off the dead skin *peels peels peels* I feel like a snake *hish hish hish*

I know it’s disgusting but the pleasure of peeling off the dead skin…u know just satisfaction 😛 Oh ya, the peeling process is painless and you may also soak feet with warm water for about 30 minutes and the peeling occurs then gently rub off the dead skin during this time.


The peeling process ended in 1 week times and here’s the result of my feet:-



I felt a smoother feet.


IMG_3504-vert Callus of my foot thumbs are gone, the condition of my cracked heels had improved but not totally cured.

Verdict: Most probably will re-purchase it to maintain the softness of my feet and hope my cracked heels can get better after a few usage.



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