Product Review: bloop Nail Polish & nail it! with bloop

Product Name: bloop Nail Polish & nail it! with bloop

Price: bloop Nail Polish ~ RM 28.00 for 3 x 13.5ml & nail it! with bloop ~ RM 38.00 for 3 packs of different designs (Available at Hi Shop)



bloop Nail Polish in H124

Main features of the nail polish:-

~ Quick Drying (Verdict: Yes, I was quite impressed with the speedy drying ability, very convenient for a busy working mommy cum blogger like me :P)
~ Ultra Glossy (Verdict: The application was easy and the colour was very pigmented even on first application)
~ Long Lasting (Verdict: Applied for 2 days till date, no chip off was detected)





The vibrant and intense colour with only one coating.




nail it! with bloop ~ for nail & toe




Very detailed manual on how to use the product at the back of the packaging.




Each nail it! with bloop consisted of 12 pieces of nail strips and a mini nail file.

PS: I love my nail strips design with the girly ribbons design and chic polka dots in pastel colours 🙂


How to nail it with bloop?



1. Make sure the nails are clean before using nail it! 

2. Choose the best strip size for each nail.

3. Align & place the nail strip onto the nail. (Note: the rounded end should be facing the cuticle)

4. Rub strip over nail starting from the center working out to the sides.

5. Press the excess nail strip over the edges of the nail.

6. Using a nail file, file off the exces nail strip in a downward motion.

7. Smooth nails to remove any excess air bubbles






nail it! with bloop on my nails, not bad huh 🙂 But I wish I have longer nails, I think they will look better~

Extra tip:

~ Make sure your nails are with slightly length to make the filing process easier.

~ You may find that it was a bit hard to measure the nail sticker to your own finger nails or it may too big for you. Hence, you will need to cut out that particular piece and do a better measurement before you stick. If it is really too big, cut the edge by using small scissors and make it fit to your finger nails.

~ Always start to stick the nail strip on the center of the nail then follow by pressing left and right edge.

Verdict: The material of the nail strips is different with what I’ve tried before, I prefer bloop’s version as it is softer and easier to get a smooth and even surface.




Good News! 

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*With minimum purchase of RM99, valid till 31st January 2014.



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