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There is an old adage that says “Better health starts at your feet!”.

If your feet started to hurt, it maybe trying to tell us something is not right. As I Google-d for answers, I am astonished to learn that our foot consist of 72,000 nerve endings, reflex areas and points of the foot that correspond to various organs and glands of the body.

Phew! That is why I literally jumped at the opportunity when I am invited for free foot screening at the renowned Dr Kong that specializes on foot and spine health. Better yet, I brought along my 6 years old daughter for the screening too. It’s not too early to start them young 🙂

About Dr Kong

Dr Kong Footcare Ltd was established in Hong Kong in 1999. The company offers a range of healthy shoes with insoles to fit individual feet accordingly. Currently Dr Kong is available in Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. Malaysia’s first Dr Kong outlet was set in 2011 at Tropicana City Mall. Dr Kong offers “check & fit” shoe fitting service which provides the beneficial information for the correct choice of insole and shoe to fit each individual’s foot arch type.



We was at Dr Kong Tropicana City Mall for the foot examination session.  



The session was conducted by Datin Emily Lee, Executive Director of Dr. Kong. Before the evaluating, she briefed me on the importance of proper footware and show me the video on knowledge regarding foot health.



The foot evaluating equipment.



Dr Kong “check & fit” concept is operated by its experienced Foot Health Assistant Team. The process of the examination is pretty simple. One just need to stand on the foot evaluating equipment and the staff will decipher the foot arch type and heel adjustment condition based on the computerized assessment.




This was Sam’s result showing that she is having mild collapsed arch or also known as flat foot, refer to the green footprints on the screen.


Read about collapsed arch HERE.

If you still don’t understand, please proceed to the next photo.



Comparison between normal foot and flat foot and high arch foot (another type of foot problem).




Datin Emily drew some dots on Sam’s heel to and show me how the alignment on his feet can be corrected with the help of an arch insole. 






I did the evaluation too and I pass the test, I have a perfect pair of foot, hehe 😛


It’s shopping time!







Dr Kong carries a wide variety of shoes for children, women and men in different stages. The shoes are ranging from assorted of designs and unique features that suit for all sort of different occasions.




Sam was happy with her choice, a girlie sandals which is not only looking good but manage to help on her foot issue.



My choice of slippers which is extremely comfortable for daily wear.

Dr. Kong footwear ranges from RM79 to RM450 and above depending on the design and the insoles. Dr. Kong also carries footcare accessories and spine pressure-free school/laptop bags.



I’m planning for next assessment to check on Sam’s improvement of her foot condition. 



For more information about Dr. Kong Health Shoes Shop, visit their

Website: or



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