Product Review: Ma Noodles

As a avid fan of Wonton Mee, I made a beeline to place an order for Ma Noodles after I read the review in Sean’s blog.

Established since 1964 and the recipe is inherited from 2 generations ago, this homemade noodles are made with 100% duck eggs, with no water added to give the noodles the perfect texture and flavours. The too-elegant-to-believe(for Wonton Noodles) navy blue paper bag also another pull factor, I must admit. 


Package B (RM36.00)

  • 12pcs of premium Duck Egg Noodles, 80g each (with options of 6pcs thin noodles + 6pcs thick noodles or 12 thin noodles only or 12 thick noodles only)
  • 250g of Wanton Skin/ Dumpling Skin (approximately 75+- pcs)
  • 2 packets sauce mixture

The noodles and Wonton skin are in vacuum pack and an instruction sheet on  how to cook and keep the noodles. I also received WhatsApp message one day before I received the noodles on the instructions as well.



Portion: Sufficient for one pax with NORMAL appetite. I feel that the portion is slightly bigger than what we normally have at Wonton mee stalls/shops because I usually need to order 1.5 portion for a more filling meal. 😛

Texture & Flavour: The noodles yield an adequately springy texture if follow their cooking instruction which involve cooking in hot water and blanch in cold water. There’s a pleasant eggy aroma and flavour on the noodles, which is a strong evidence of the noodles are made from pure duck egg. No alkaline taste was detected. 

Wonton Skin: Adequately thin texture but rather small in size.

The Sauce: One packet is good for one portion of noodles. Flavour was decent, it’s a mixture of oil (shallot oil perhaps?) + soy sauce + dark sou sauce. But if you prefer stronger taste like yours truly, additional soy sauce might needed.

Re-purchase? Yes!

Read more about Ma Noodles and place your order if you’re interested to try out these homemade duck noodles in their WEBSITE.



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