Product Review: Total Image Collagen Drink

Product Name: Total Image Collagen Drink

Price: RM 86.00 / Box (From Watson)


Total Image Collagen Drink is a drink that is derived from a combination of essence from traditional Chinese herbs with collagen using Western modern science and technology.

The most advanced bio-enzyme technology is used to bring you a quality product of the highest standards. Traditional Chinese herns used are beauty secrets from the ancient palace – Chinese wolfberry and poria. Natural extracts from bluberries, strawberries, blackberries ad sunflower seeds are rich in vitamins and minerals. Combined with green tea and apple polyphenols – all these ingredients help maintain the collagen in our skin, high in antioxidants to help battle the free radicals maintaining a more beautiful, youthful and radiant you.



Functions of the herbs and natural extracts:


1) Wolfberry Extract: Nourishing and calming ingredient which aids a tranquil sleep.



2) Poria: Calming, whitening properties and moisturize your skin.



3) Blueberry, Strawberry and Blackberry Extract:Full of natural minerals and vitamins, antioxidants to combat free radicals, anti-aging properties



4) Sunflower Seed Extract: Anti-aging skincare



500mg Marine Fish Collagen ~ Collagen protein from deep sea fish are extracted into low molecular weight of less than 1,000 Darlton. Our body can easily absorb this collagen and efficacy is assured.



6 bottles / box



Verdict: I only consumed 1 box = 6 bottles of Total Image Collagen Drink in 12 days (one bottle every 2 days at night before sleep), no obvious/visible result shown. I like the berry taste of the drink however there is subtle “fishy” after taste (Very mild indeed)


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