Professor Uniform

Progressive. Modern. Flashy.
These THREE words aptly describe the landscape transformation of urban national schools in Malaysia especially those well funded Chinese primary schools. From built-in projector used in class to air-conditioning classroom, urban schools surely adapt to the change in modern time.
However, there is one element that withstood time for decades at public schools. School uniforms!
Unlike Marty McFly of “Back to the Future”, you can blend well with the yesteryear crowd by transporting back to 1970s in your school uniform, apart from being a silly old person in school uniform 🙂

Therefore as a wise mom (ehem),  I headed out to Professor Uniform @ SS2 after recommendations from a few parents and the ever-reliable Google Search.



Located at the busiest district of SS2, Petaling Jaya (opposite McDonald’s), Professor Uniform occupied a shop house on first floor with clear signage at the entrance.




The shop is airy and brightly lit, the uniforms are neatly arranged in rows of wall cabinets.




Professor  offers comprehensive range of school and co-curriculum uniform such as Scout, Girl Guides, St John and Red Crescent, just to name a few. There are also co-curriculum related accessories as well as camping equipment to complete the needs of all school going kids.



The helpful staff got Sam a pair of primary school uniform which includes a short sleeve white shirt and dark blue pinafore for fitting.




The size fit perfectly on Sam and she is happy to have new sets of uniform for her new schooling year.






Although the price tag is above average from the usual suspects, I’m really amazed by the pure quality of the fabric used for the uniform. Check out the quality of the fabric, adequately thick but very comfortable for wearing.



I found that Sam always has problem when unbutton her existing belt. This belt with hook make the wearing process easier for the kid.




I am surprise to find this special feature in the pocket of the pinafore. The zipped pocket provide extra “protection” to prevent any loss of monies.


Verdict: The prices for the uniforms are slightly on the higher side but it commensurate with the quality in return. It certainly assured me that my spent ringgit is well stretched with durability factor alone.
Who knows with better care, Sam might be able to pass her uniform to the next generation 🙂 *too exaggerating I know LOL



Professor Uniform

No.21, Jalan SS 2 / 64, Petaling Jaya , 47300 Selangor.

Store Locator:

Tel: +603-7874 5586

Operating Hours: 10.00am to 9.00pm daily




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