Provisions @ Damansara Jaya, P.J

Inspired from the bakeries of California and the cafés of Melbourne, Provisions which managed under the same team behind LI, their sister cafe located right beside it. The cafe’s facade is a charming pop of pumpkin orange, unquestionably an Instagram-perfect spot.


The interior was clean, minimal and unfussed, with tables and chairs being placed on one side with view of the open kitchen that allow you to get some bread making actions. Bench in pumpkin orange at outside as well as against the wall near the entrance provide more seating capacity. 


The beverage station and display counter occupied another side of the cafe (hence the seating was quite limited). The glass cabinet showcased rows of baked goods such as wholemeal sourdough, pizzas, milk bread and cinnamon buns which were made from scratch. Sweet selection included brownies, French butter cakes, scones, madeleines, and financiers.



There are products from the local artisans on sale too in the cafe. We saw artisan soy sauce, Sarawak Heirloom White Rice, Sabah Ground Ginger, Sarawak White Peppercorns,  artisanal chocolate from Seniman Kakao and coffee tumblers.

Menu was simple and highlight their signature sourdough. Toast paired with choices of LI’s Kaya, Jam of the day, Cinnamon sugar, chocolate or avocado spread. Breakfast French Toast, scrambled eggs, smoked Salmon or smoke duck on sourdough, as well as sandwiches. 


White (RM11.00) & Japanese Sencha (RM8.00)


Sourdough Toast with Avocado (RM12.00)

Thick spread of avocado (and cheese? sorry I forgot :P) on toast, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with salt and pepper. Simple but satisfying for the avocado lover – Sam.  

Chicken, Lettuce, Tomato Jam Sandwich (RM18.00)

Nothing to shout about but the bread was really great nonetheless, nicely toasted with lovely crunch and chewy texture. . 


Grilled Cheese Sandwich (RM20.00)

The grilled cheese sandwich was equally toasted to perfection, however it was slightly oily to my liking.

The tomato soup was the element in this dish that steal the limelight. Tangy, thick and rich intense tomato flavour, mildly infused with herbs, my kind of ultimate comfort food! -`ღ´-


Verdict: The grab-and-go baked goods definitely great for quick morning/afternoon bites. Would have appreciated if there are more choices/varieties for the food on the menu, or I should pay a visit to LI at the next door. (^_-)-☆



49, Jalan SS22/23, Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: +603-7731 7971

Operating hours: Tues – Sun: 9.00am to 6.00pm, closed on Monday



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