Remy Martin – The Heart of Cognac Experience

I am not a cognac connoisseur, nor have I actually even had a sip of it until recently. I was invited to a special cognac testing session “The Heart of Cognac Experience” by Remy Martin held at Maison Francaise and it was indeed elevated my knowledge about this precious Champagne Cognac.




Upon arrival, we were given 2 tokens which entitled us to enjoy cognac cocktails at the bar counter.


Spent some time in the lounge sipping a cognac cocktail and watch the expert mixer preparing your drink.



Side Car – Remy Martin VSOP, Cointreau, lemon juice.



Remy Kaffir – Remy Martin VSOP, Kaffir Lime, fresh grapes, lemon juice, sugar syrup and ginger beer.



Remy Cucumber – Remy Martin VSOP, Cucumber syrup, apple juice and lime juice.


After the reception cocktails, we were ushered to a room which fairly resemble a school laboratory with a long white table and placed on top were beaker tubes, measuring cylinders and conical flask.


The session was conducted by Remy Martin Brand Ambassador, Brandon Fernandez.



He gave us a brief history of the cognac and explain the complex process of how cognac is made.



We were given a sample of cognac to taste and asked to recreate it by using Eaux De Vies of different ages as below:-


Eaux De Vies of different ages ~ 4 years, 8 years and 14 years.



Me took up the master blenders job, looks professional huh 😛

Photo taken from Remy Martin Malaysia Facebook


After the  interesting interactive session, we were led to another darkened room meant to look like the cellars in Cognac.


The Cognacs and the barrels at the back!



Brandon demonstrated how the Cognac is extracted from the barrel using a pipette.



Here we got chance to sample Remy Martin XO and the Remy Martin Club. We also learned to swirl the cognac in our glasses, observe the streaks of wine, smell, sip and appreciate the taste 🙂

It was a wonderful experience and great to hear the history surrounding a brand that is centuries old.




Too bad we didn’t have chance to sample this Louis XIII Cognac which is blended with 1200 eaux de vie, from 40 to 100 year-old. Have a guess how much it cost?


Want to know more about Remy Martin Cognac? Click HERE or follow their facebook  for more updates.




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