>Restaurant Pan Heong

>Since my first bite of “wat dan hor” here, I instantly fell in love with this eatery. However as much as I want to go back whenever I crave for “wat dan hor”, the horrendous long queue crowd is definitely a put off *sigh*

Over the years, Pan Heong has mastered the skill of queue waiting.
1st You have to register yourself at a “special” counter.
2nd Customers were given a number plate.
Tip: You cannot simply just wait besides any table and look at the patrons. (I would love to look at them anyway)
3rd Wait until your number is called and you will be guided to your table.
Tip: If you get number 1, that doesn’t mean your are 1st. It is just a random number. Go buy 4d.

“Wat Dan Hor” (RM 5.50 – one pax portion)
Thick & flavorful gravy, full of egg taste. There were plenty of cuttle fish, meat slices & veggie too~~ Still drooling over the photo when I wrote this… 🙂

Stewed Pork Mee Hoon (RM 15.00 – 2 pax portion)
My 1st time had this, canned Stew Pork a.k.a “Kau Yuk” was used. Quite oily for me but it’s very flavorful too~~

Thay also famous for their porridge, steamed fish & mee mamak.

Restaurant Pan Heong
No.2, Jalan Medan Batu Caves 2,

Tel: 03-61877430
Business Hour: 8.00am ~ 3.30pm


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