Restaurant Pin Xiang

As promised, today I’m going to blog about my wonderful dinning experience with Alan Yun! I’m not only busy snapping photo of mouthwatering food but also charming host & guests that night!

When I received invitation from Sidney to sample Alan Yun’s newly open restaurant, without hesitate I accepted it immediately~ It really had me singing in joy because I knew Alan Yun since his 1st TV commercial advertisement ~ Mr. Postman, & I still remember it until now 😛

Simple & spacious dining area with bright lighting

Once we were seated, cans of BOSS Coffee with 3 types of flavors were served. Although I’m didn’t drink any of it (I will insomnia after drinking coffee >.<), but according to my dining companion, the Latte taste the best.

Both me & Alan Yun posing with BOSS Coffee. He is HOT, isn’t he? Look at his unbutton shirt 😛

Fu Chuk Yi Mai (Bean Curd Sheet with Barley)
Alan Yun highly recommended this to us. Smooth & thick but not too sickly sweet~ Nice~

Fresh Sauce Intestine
My favorite dish that night! Intestine served with garlicky, sour & spicy sauce. The intestine was awesomely crunchy & the bird’s eye chili packs a nice fiery punch! For those who worry about the cleanness of the intestine, just put your skeptical aside, no weird taste or smell detected 🙂

House Signature Village Chicken
The texture of the meat was firmer if compare to farm chicken.

Salted Egg Mantis Prawns
Anything with salted egg coating will never goes wrong, it was moreish indeed but the only grouch was the batter was too thick, I barely taste the mantis prawns >.<

Mixed Eight Treasure Vegetables
Eight types of vegetables eg: Wood Ear Fungus, Celery, Carrot, Fresh Lily Bulb, Fried Lotus Root etc to balance our diet 🙂

Pin Xiang Special Fried Tilapia
The Tilapia was fried until crispy on the skin while the inner flesh still remain soft & flaky. An unpretentious and basic dish but quality goodness at its best!

Yam Ring with Sweet & Sour Pork
The sweet & sour pork (ku lou yok) was OK but did not register in my mind after the initial bite but I love the yam ring which is not oily.

Isaac, one of the Malaysian top model was one of the guest that night, posing happily with the Yam Ring ^^

Champagne Ribs
Presented delicately in halved watermelon. The pork ribs slightly battered then fried, basted with glistening sweet & sour sauce. Appetizing~

Tasty Soy Sauce Prawns
Fresh, succulent & sizable prawns were tantalizing, infused with flavorful supreme soy sauce~

Steamed Frog with Ginger Sauce
Fresh & tender frog meat steamed with ginger sauce. I love the meaty frog leg, I have a few helpings of this 😛

When end of the meal, I have chance to take photo with Alan Yun, the hospitality host & the pretty So Wincci (Malaysian actor & singer), one of the guest. Look at me, smile so happily ^^

Restaurant Pin Xiang
H-18-G, Jalan PJU 1/45
Aman Suria, Damansara
47301, Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-78040798

(Non Halal)

Restaurant Pin Xiang


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