Restaurant Pin Xiang

I was craving for crabby a few weeks back and my wish was granted when Sid thrown a dinner gathering at Restaurant Pin Xiang!

Fresh Bean Curd Sheet with Barley

I never fail to order this whenever I dine in here, very thick with plenty of barley~


Yam Ring with Pou Ging Pork Ribs

The thick yam ring with crispy coating and mushy yam paste had proved that Pin Xiang don’t skimp on ingredients! Filled with pork ribs coated with creamy sauce with subtle hint of sweetness.


Two Taste Prawns

Combination of 2 prawn dishes with different cooking method.

Salad Prawns Balls

De-shelled prawn balls were deep fried then coated with creamy mayonnaise. Bouncy & appetizing, I think kids will love this!

Butter Prawns 

Sizable fresh prawns topped with aromatic buttery egg floss perfumed with handful of curry leaves. Simply mouth-watering!



Braised Garoupa Fish Head

Served pipping hot in claypot, the chunks of deep fried garoupa fish head doused in a mixture of savory broth with extra pleasant garlic and spring onion flavor.


Braised Chicken with Yam

Another yam dish which executed with grace & passion! I had same dish at Wah Tin and the taste still linger in my mind, so when I saw this served on our table, I glee with joy! The savory thick gravy had pleasant yam taste and definitely went well with rice.


Marmite Pork Ribs

The pork ribs were coated with glistening sweet & sticky Marmite sauce. A minor gripe here, the ribs were too boney >.<


Stir-Fried Bittergourd with Chinese Pickled Lettuce

Maybe the weirdest combination of vegetables I’ve come across (ok, maybe it’s sound too exaggerate =.=”) But I tell you, this combination match perfectly! The bitterness of the bittergourd had slightly neutralized by the salty Chinese pickled lettuce.


‘HIGHLIGHT of the night!

Butter Crab

My favorite cooking method for crabby! The striking red crustacean drenched in luscious and silky smooth butter sauce, enticing! It’s fingers licking good! (Use your hand when eating these, throw aside the table manners!)


Sweet and Sour Crab

The inviting orange-y sauce had just the right balance of sweet & sour but the butter crab still beating this hands down. No faults here just more a matter of preference 😛


Fried mantou for you to dipped with the sauces if you don’t want to waste delectable sauce.

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  Restaurant Pin Xiang

  H-18-G, Jalan PJU 1/45
  Aman Suria, Damansara
  47301, Petaling Jaya
  Tel: +603-78040798
  (Non Halal)


Restaurant Pin Xiang


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