Restoran Chuan Kie @ Gohtong Jaya

On my last Genting Highlands trip (actually is N months ago >.<) I opted to have my meal at Gohtong Jaya instead of paying “cut throat” price for mediocre food at up hill since there are many restaurants along the rows of shoplot in this little town before you reach Genting Highlands. Read my previous post of one of the restaurant at Gohtong Jaya HERE.



Restaurant Chuan Kie, a randomly choose eatery which has another branch located a few shops away on the same road. A typical “dai chow” restaurant with minimal decors but provide a clean and bright dining area nonetheless.



Some of their signature dishes completed with selling price neatly displayed on the wall.



Wall of fame ~ Photos of the owner with some celebrities dined in here before.



Crispy Fried Pork

I will never miss to order this whenever I am here at Gohtong Jaya. Heard that this is “invented” from this area, can someone enlighten me?


Fried till extremely crispy then coated with sticky salty-sweet soy sauce gravy, one might need a little jaw exercise when eating this *evil grin*



Marmite Chicken

This was mediocre and a tad too sweet for my liking. Chicken pieces was deep fried then coated with sweet Marmite sauce.



Four Heavenly Kings

This dish supposed to be have 4 types of vegetables but when I look back at my photo there were only 3! Stir fried brinjal, winged bean aka four angled bean and French bean with garlic, dried shrimps and chili. Good control of the timing of stir fried, all the vegetables retained their crunchy and sweet nature.


Verdict: Total bill was less than RM 50.00 included a pot of Chinese tea and a plate of rice, very reasonable priced I would say.


Restoran Chuan Kie
29-30 Jalan Jati 1, Gohtong Jaya, 69000 Genting.
Tel : +603-6100 1151  Business Hours :
Operating Hours: 12pm-11.3opm (Mon-Sun)
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Restoran Chuan Kie


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