Restoran Tapai Tang 大排档海鲜饭店 @ Johor Bahru

On my previous Johor trip, I managed to try out Restoran Taipai Tang on recommendation of a friend.

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Located in a residential area, the no-frills restaurant occupied a corner lot which is quite spacious and there are both indoor seats with air-conditioner as well as al-fresco dining option.


Restoran Tapai Tang offers wide variety of “Dai Chow” dishes and there are even fish tanks with assorted of fishes, prawns and crabs for the diners to choose from.


A brief research online and on my friend’s recommendation, we ordered three dishes for ourselves (hubby, me and Sam)

Salted Baked Chicken (Half – RM28.00)

This Salted Baked Chicken (Yim Gok Gai) is one of their sought-after dishes as we can see it stated on their big signboard. Since Kampung Chicken was used so the size wasn’t really big, wrapped in baking paper. I could smell the pleasant herbal aroma once the wrapper was opened and the flavour was spot on. Not too overwhelming on herbal note, salty flavour was precisely calibrated and the chicken was soft and juicy. Oh ya, the chili dipping, it was hot and fiery!


Wat Dan Hor (RM9.00)

The noodles was decent, I like the generous amount of vegetables and the tasty eggy thick gravy. The only thing I didn’t fancy was the more than generous amount of chopped garlic which can probably scare off a vampire. *bleh


Stir Fried Paku (RM12.00)

We had the non-spicy version to accommodate Sam but I reckon I prefer spicy version definitely taste better 😛


Verdict: The Salted Baked Chicken worth recommended and two other dishes that we had were just average okay. I’ve read that they serve pretty good fish head curry and seafood dishes. Try this place out if you find yourself at this area.


Restoran Tapai Tang 大排档海鲜饭店

128, Jalan Chengai, Taman Melodies, Johor Bahru.

Tel: +607-333 3662

Operating Hours: 10.00am to 2.00am, daily


  • I won’t mind the loads of garlic because I happen to love garlic! Salt baked chicken is something I cannot resist. Sure must order.

  • I may not be a vampire but still, I wouldn’t welcome too much garlic in the noodles (I’ve encountered such instances in my stir-fry noodles before). I see that there’s quite a bit in the stir-fried paku as well. They must love their garlic here….kekeke! ;D

  • LOL at the comments! I love to eat lots and lots of garlic until my wife complained the whole house and bedroom stank of garlic. She said I am an extremist when eating chilly and garlic where no sane human would eat so much! Wakakakaka

    The spirits still follow me often after eating garlic! How ah????? Maybe it is applicable for vampires only.

  • I like paku! The Wat Dan Hor gravy looks nice ohh…smooth and eggy

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