S.Wine Cafe

It was a lovely Sunday, together with my partners-in-crime we have a date with him!

Ya, my oink oink friend, but I was going to have a feast on them =.=” (Sound cruel huh :P)


S.Wine Cafe tucked nicely at the back corner of the Ben’s Independent Grocer’s non-halal section. The Broadway-inspired lettering signage was indeed very eye-catching!


Almost all tables were occupied when we reach circa 12pm+ and we were ushered to the smoking area.

The smoking area is separated by the glass door which is more spacious.

Quirky hand-painted plates featuring porky food product decorating the walls.


Comfy sofa seats, I wish I can spend a lazy afternoon here~~ *dreaming*


Seriously NON-HALAL photos onward!


Going through the menu got us all outrageously excited with our tummies growling uncontrollably. So many yummy things to try, decision, decision, decision……

Plain water – FOC


Ice Honey Lemon (RM 8.00+)


Macchiato (RM 7.00+)


Peas & Ham Soup (RM 12.90+)

The soup was a great savoury way to whet your appetite, thick and each spoonful had a pleasant nutty flavor.


Roasted Potato (RM 12.90+)

Potato chunks roasted with duck fat accompanied with bacon an thyme. The potatoes were infused with smoky flavor from the bacon but this was too oily to my liking, I really felt guilty after I took a few bites =.=”


Sloppy Piggy Burger (RM 23.90+)

A tall stack of buttered bun, Mexican-style pulled pork , well marinated thick pork patty and lettuce.  Sloppy & juicy~


Aglio Olio with Chorizo Broccoli  (RM 23.90+)

Al dente pasta simply dressed with olive oil, sprinkle of chili flakes and side ingredients of pine nuts, broccoli and feta cheese. The star of this dish definitely the spicy chorizo which lends the savory taste to the overall bite.


Pasta with Sausage and Bacon (RM 23.90+)

The portion was more than generous with massive chunks of pork sausages bathed in rich & luscious cream laced with cheese and tomato capsicum concasse.  This was undoubtedly tasted heavenly; the only gripe was the cream was rather heavy and can be quite cloying if you finish it all by yourself >.<


Lemongrass Pork Chop Rice (RM 18.90+)

This was really out of our expectation! Pork chop served with white rice topped with fried egg, double-boiled soup and ginger and garlic dipping. So “Chinese”!

2 big slab of thick pork chops basted with glistening sweet and savory sauce. The meat was tender but still had a good bite, the fat part attached was the essential, gave the meat a good moisture.


Hainanese pork chop (RM 23.90+)

Hainanese pork chop flooded in tomato sauce and laden with peas, corn, carrots & coriander. Nothing really impressive but nothing to complain as well.


Pork Sausage Roll (RM 12.90+)

Pork sausage meat with pine nuts, mushroom and garlic, wrapped in a flaky puff pastry and served with a tomato relish. The minced meat was dry and a tad too bland even the tomato relish can’t help much to heighten up the flavor of it 🙁


Pork Satay (RM 18.90+)

Tasteless and lack of the distinctive smoky flavor of the barbecue meat. The big chunks of meat and the full-bodied house made pineapple peanut sauce might be the only point worth to be mentioned here.

Most of the mains come with a side of salad. But who cares anyway when people come here for the meat ^__*


Verdict: For fans of porky dishes, S.Wine is the place to attack the swines! I can most definitely see myself pigging out here quite often. And also one can shop for more swine and wine products at the supermarket after a good meal 🙂


May I serve you Sir?










S.Wine Cafe @ Ben’s Independent  Grocer


Jalan Dutamas 1

Solaris Dutamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603- 6209 1716
Business Hour:  Open daily through 10pm
                                  starting 11am weekdays & 9am weekends.


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