Sakae Sushi – Latest Outlet @ Paradigm Mall

Being a brand that never shies away from innovation, Sakae Sushi once again wowed fans with am extensive selection of new offerings for 2012! This menu features delicious new additions in a variety of categories from sushi, yakimono, udon to nabe.

Last Sunday I was at Sakae Sushi located at Paradigm Mall, their latest outlet to try out the new menu.

Spacious and equipped with “sushi-go-round” system like others outlet.


The open kitchen.


The latest iPad interactive menu system on every table.

Touted as the fastest food ordering system, allow customers to order their food directly from the kitchen while keeping a tab on their bill easily.


Your order is just a “touch” away!


Even a 4 years old kid can use it!

Thanks Ethan for posing for us   ~☆〜(ゝ。∂)


Wasabi is placed conveniently on the conveyor belt.


Did I tell you that the pickled ginger is placed on conveyor belt too, that means you can eat as much as you want!  *Please pardon the kiasu-ness of an aunty (≧∇≦)*


For freshly steeped tea anytime, customer can just use the unique piped in hot water taps built into each table – handy and convenient!


Kaisen Salad 海鲜沙拉 (RM 16.90++)

The eye-catching hill of salad consisted of  prawns, tuna flakes, snow crab leg, ebiko and assorted vegetables served with creamy goma dressing.

My portion of salad in a myriad of colours, attractive to the eyes and so refreshing on the taste bud!


Salmon Sashimi

The thick cuts of raw salmon are freshly air-flown for Norway, freshness guaranteed!


Sakae Blossom 荣之花  (RM 9.99++)

Intricately designed roll of grilled salmon, shrimp roe and mayonnaise, enjoyed the bursting flavors of different ingredients in a mouthful!


Hana Maki 鲑鱼花卷 ( RM 9.99++)

Raw salmon was crafted into flower petals and sushi rice centre topped with mayonnaise and a luxurious sprinkle of shrimp roe. The creaminess of the mayonnaise complemented and enhanced the flavor of the salmon perfectly, nothing will goes wrong with mayonnaise, don’t you agree?


Ebi Crepe 黄金虾卷 (RM 5.99++)

Luscious roll of whole cooked prawns assorted vegetables wrapped in a light egg crepe. This was quite ordinary for me but the egg crepe was great alternative instead of the conventional seaweed.


Inari Avocado Ebi 稻禾酪梨虾 ( RM 7.99++)

The interesting combination of inari (sweet beancurd skin) and avocado salad, surprisingly they worked harmonically.


Soft Shell Crab Maki 辣味软壳蟹卷 (RM 5.99++)

The delectable fried soft shell crab rolled with sushi rice, cucumber and sweet beancurd skin dressed with spicy mayonnaise which really gave it a kick!


Hotate Mentaiyaki 香烤明太子扇贝 (RM 20.90++)

The oh-so-succulent scallop baked with mayonnaise and mentakayi (cod fish roes), I enjoyed it immensely and had a blissful silence for a moment there! This proved to be winner with everyone!


Kaisen Pirikara Nabe 海鲜泡菜汤 (RM 24.90++)

The soup was intensely flavored from the kimchi and the natural sweetness from the seafood like squid, mussel, cuttlefish and salmon well encapsulated in the broth too. Other than the seafood, this hotpot also brimming with assorted mushrooms, tofu and fish cake.



Curry Udon 日式咖哩鸡乌冬面 (RM 12.90++)

The Japanese curry is all about thick, creamy, fragrant and has nothing related to spicy.  Slurping the springy udon was an enjoyment, so slurp it slurp it!


Assorted Sorbet (RM5.90/RM6.90 per scoop)

From Top to bottom: Passion Fruit, Dragonfruit, Green Tea and Goma (Black Sesame)

The sorbets were so adorable to the eyes with their dense colour and the taste managed to capture our heart too, everyone dug in with gusto! Don’t ask me which flavor I like the most, I love all of them!


So kawaii neh…the kiddy meal, I want to order for Sam too for my next visit!


Happy Froggie RM 7.99++
Look, the froggie is begging you, cute right?

The group of us with the Sakae Sushi mascot 🙂


Me with YinYin 🙂

Thanks YinYin for the photos~


  Sakae Sushi

  Click here for Sakae Sushi Restaurant Locator

Sakae Sushi


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