Sakae Turns Delightful 19!

Sakae Sushi Malaysia celebrates its 19th anniversary this year! Looking back, Sakae Sushi has definitely expanded from its humble beginnings. However one thing always remains the same – the brand’s passion in serving tasty, healthy and value-for-money Japanese cuisine in a fun and friendly environment.

In conjunction with the celebration for this year’s theme of ‘Delightful 19’, Sakae Sushi brings its customers a fun-filled and rewarding offer which is the Delightful Dine, Match & Redeem promotion. Here, customers will stand a chance to win some of Sakae’s all-time favourite dishes and even bring home an adorable limited edition Sakae Sushi Plushie.


To participate, a customer will first spend a minimum of RM60 in order to get hold of a Delightful Gift Card.



This gift card consists of a puzzle sticker, and for every matching puzzle, the customer will be rewarded accordingly. For instance:

2 matching puzzles entitles the customer to 1 free dish,

3 matching puzzles is equivalent to 2 free dishes

4 matching puzzles will earn the customer 4 free dishes and 1 limited edition Sakae Sushi Plushie ( or alternatively, the Plushies can be purchased at the affordable price of RM29.90 at any Sakae Sushi outlets)



Limited Edition Sakae Sushi Plushie

Available in 3 adorable designs – Salmon Sushi, Tamago Sushi and Ebi Sushi, this exclusive range of Sakae Sushi Plushies was specially made in conjunction of the anniversary celebration.




Happy Birthday Sakae Sushi Malaysia!


Let’s check out the dishes that can be redeemed with the matching puzzles.


Sashimi Mori Aki (RM17.99)

An assortment of mouthwatering air-flown fresh Atlantic Salmon, Tuna and Butterfish. 3 types of sashimi with adequate cut and top notch freshness, very affordable price for this portion indeed.



Fuku Set (RM28.99)

A sushi platter of Salmon Sushi, Cheesy Tamago Sushi, Kani Fumi Sushi, Softshell Crab Maki, Futo Maki, Kani Edamame Inari and Chuka Mekabu Gunkan. The varieties are definitely sufficient to please everyone.



Tempura Moriawase (RM13.99)

A crowd pleaser of deep fried lightly battered prawn,fish and assorted vegetables served with dipping sauce and grated radish.



Sakae Teishoku (RM26.99)

Sumptuous Japanese set consists of grilled scallop with Mentaiko mayo, breaded chicken cutlet with Japanese curry served with rice, Sakae Chawanmushi & miso soup.


Chawanmushi always my obligatory order whenever I dine in at Japanese restaurant. Sakae,s version is velvety smooth and tender studded with ingredients such as crabsticks, chicken meat, ginko nut and mushroom.



The huge grilled scallop with topped with rich and creamy Mentaiko mayo is so sumptuous! I literally licked the shell clean, I tell ya~



Japanese curry with potatoes, carrots and chicken is very much welcomed by the kids. The low spiciness level with hint of sweetness suit their palate well and goes really well with bowl of pipping hot white rice.


Also worth checking out are some of the popular dishes in Sakae’s menu such as:-


Salmon Treasures (RM20.99)

For Salmon lovers! Indulge on this medley of Salmon creations which included sashimi, Salmon Sushi, Salmon Mentai Sushi, Ikura Gunakan, Hana Maki.



Clockwise from top: Black Sesame, Green Tea, Hojicha & Vanilla

The new addition to the ice cream are the Hojicha & coffee. Both are very intense in flavor, I especially love the Hojicha, a must try if you ask me, hehe ^__^


Without a doubt, this marks yet another remarkable milestone for Sakae Sushi! As Sakae Sushi looks back on 19 delightful years, one can only anticipate more joy to come from this well-loved brand. Stay tuned for delightful moments aplenty at Sakae Sushi!


Sakae Sushi

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