San Nae Deul Korean BBQ @ Solaris Dutamas

San Nae Deul Korean BBQ signboard is obviously seen whenever I pass by Solaris Dutamas or PUBLIKA; facing the main road which is hardly miss. I had them on my radar for sometimes since Jenn have really good comment on their generosity on food portion. Let me check out how true is it!

The restaurant was brightly lit with marble-top tables and leather chairs arranged nicely within the area.


Rows of private rooms, ya rows in PLURAL! There are many private rooms available here to cater different group of patrons.


Familiar Korean food such as BBQ, assorted stew and kimchi soup dominate the menu and order was a breeze because my purpose came here is for my favourite Korean BBQ! *singing for joy*

Jenn‘s statement was true and this is the prove! We were served with 10 banchan after our order made! The variety was pretty impressive and not to mention that they are refillable!


The essential of Korean cuisine ~ kimchi.



Condiments for Korean BBQ: Lettuce, green chili, carrot, cucumber, chili paste, garlic and sesame oil with salt.


The electronic grilling stove.


Pork Belly with Mushrooms – RM 30.00+ (sorry I forgot the exact name of the food)


Seasoned Pork and Vegetables (RM 30.00+)


Something seriously yummy in process…. *Patient mode ON*


Oh, the aroma has gotten me really ecstatic!

I prefer the seasoned meat with spicy marinade as they were perfectly grilled; tender and flavorful however the accompanied vegetables especially the sliced potatoes were undercooked. While the pork belly was a tad too dry but the mushrooms were well-grilled where the juiciness still retained.


Verdict: I love the wide variety of banchan offered and we can easily get a private room here. (more comfortable when taking food photo :P)


  San Nae Deul Korean BBQ
  A2-UG1-02,  Solaris Dutamas
  No.1, Jalan Dutamas, 50480 K.L
  Tel: +603-62115385, +6012-3355104
  No.G12, Jalan Dagang B/3A
  Taman Dagang, 68000 Ampang, Selangor.
  Tel: +603-42706344, +6012-2649887

San Nae Deul


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