>Sarawak Culture Village

>Really sorry for the lack of updates, this is what I’ve promised earlier on the Sarawak trip……
This post is not about food though (let’s support our local tourism industry…)

“A picture paints a thousand words”… So I am sticking to this philosophy and gave you alot of photos (actually I’m just plain lazy to write… hehe :p)

Note: Photos here were not taken with my new “baby”..

Only 5 minutes walks from Damai Puri Resort

Special bamboo bridge

Nice traditional Staircase

The rice grinding tools

Is this real?? Headhunters!!!

Colleagues dressed in Iban traditional costume (all three of them)..
Clothes & accessories for rental as low as RM10 per session..

He’s sexy hor…… ^.^

Another sexy guy here but he is too skinny~~~ 😛

It’s tall house not long house o……

The sleeping room

Some video of the culture show


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