Sentosa Villa @ Taiping

This was our short getaway to Taiping on last July & we stayed at Sentosa Villa. Hidden in the most unlikely place ~ in the residential area & the whole resort was surrounded by nature & greens.

The main entrance of the resort. Can you see the residential housing.


Before check out our room let me bring you have a stroll around the resort.

At the reception counter (photo #1 & #2) Games room (photo #3)


We stayed at 1st floor of this type of  wooden bungalow.



Another type of kampung style bungalow which is more expensive I believe 😛


Pondok (small hut)


All you can see are trees, tress & more trees! Blend yourself with the Mother Nature here!


Small stream."Row row row your boat gently down the stream....."


Little waterfall ^_*


Playing water with Sam at the stream behind our room. Oh gosh, the water was so cold~~ But…..


Swim at your own risk!


There are various flora & fauna in the resort area & durian tree is one of them.


Caution note ~ Keep away from the durian trees as there are matured durians may fall at anytime. But I heard that durians have eyes & never hit people’s head when they fall, is it true? 😛


BBQ pit.


You can find mushrooms here too!


Playing dart anyone?




Net hammock.


How long u didn’t see a LIVE snail & not the escargots you can get from restaurant?


Gigantic leaf that can use as umbrella…. lol


Time to have a look to our room 🙂

We stay at Junior Suite which completed with a King size bed.


The high ceiling.


TV, an empty mini bar, 2 complimentary mineral water & tea making facilities.


Comfy leather sofa set.


The dressing table & the bathrobes.


Very rustic & “stoney” toilet.


Breakfast was included in our package & this the the place we had our breakfast on the next morning.


Overlooking the greenery & listening to the birds chirping & sound of the flowing stream.



Our simple breakfast.


Sam & I enjoying the food 🙂


Photo taken when we checked out.

We enjoyed our stay here & Sntosa Villa really give a whole new holiday experience where we can enjoy the perfect combination of refreshing natures & accommodation. The best place to relax & recharge oneself from daily stresses & pressures.


Sam love this place too 🙂








Sentosa Villa

Jalan 8, Taman Sentosa,  34000 Taiping, Perak.

Tel: +605-8051000



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