>For me Low Yat Plaza just a place for those IT person and not for a food hunter like me, decide what to eat when I was there is quite an ordeal for me….

When we walk around LG floor searching for our lunch, we spotted this restaurant were doing some set meal promotions with very reasonable price.

With RM 6.99 only, we can get either rice set or noodle set + a choice of chawanmushi OR green tea, that’s really worth a try right?

Green Tea in the set meal is not refillable. >.< We were having hard time to choose what to eat because all look so attracting 😛

Spicy Chicken Skewer with Rice
The chicken were well marinated with some spicy sauce on it. Laden with lots of cabbage, definitely a wholesome meal!!

Seafood Tom Yam Noodle
Huh…instant noodle? I’m not sure whether it was instant noodle or not but the Tom Yam soup was so flavorful until I almost finished it. Laden with many brown squid, crab stick & a medium size prawn, with RM6.99, what can we ask for?

Lower Ground Floor
Low Yat Plaza
(Near escalator)


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