Shin Yeh Taiwanese Cuisine 欣叶 @ Taipei, Taiwan

Shin Yeh started in 1977 as a humble small restaurant that serves traditional home-style Taiwanese dishes. Standing on the principles of insistence, innovation and inclusiveness, the founder, Madam Lee Xiu Ying had brought the high end banquet dishes into the menu. Shin Yeh has been built up a stellar reputation for serving quality Taiwanese cuisine and proudly established several brands such as Shin Yeh Dining, Shin Yeh Cuisine, Shin Yeh Shabu Shabu, Curry Champ and Shin Yeh Japanese Buffet. The chain now has spread its wings to Singapore and China.

Shin Yeh established brands to make a promise – a promise they make to their guests to offer the best quality cuisine and cordial service. And fulfilling this promise has helped Shin Yeh weather the slumps in the economy. To satisfy the demands for different tastes in different market segments, Shin Yeh founded several brands: Shabu Shabu, Curry Champ, Japanese buffets and the high-end ambiance restaurant in the landmark skyscraper, Taipei 101. The chain is now extending into Singapore and China.



We were at Shin Yeh Taiwanese Cuisine Original Restaurant (台北市欣叶双城会馆) located at Shuangcheng Street, Zhongshan District for some authentic Taiwanese dishes on our last night at Taipei. The dinning area at second floor with simple setting is furnished with wooden tables and gray chairs. The place can accommodate up to 450 pax and there are 12 private rooms as well as a wedding banquet with seating capacity up to 33 tables.


Taiwanese Mullet Roe & Smoked Duck Rolls

Taiwanese Mullet Roe (乌魚子)

Packaging of Taiwanese Mullet Roe

Mullet Roe (乌魚子) is a popular local delicacy of pressed salted Mullet roe which is often served with garlic (蒜) and white radish. It is normally slightly roasted or pan fried then cut into thin slices. Texture wise, light crusty outer with soft and moist inner. It has a pleasant smoky, earthy and salty flavors, best paired with the accompanied sliced white radish and garlic.


Smoked Duck Roll

Sitting on bed of pea sprouts and surrounded by thin cucumber slices, the smoked duck rolls were deliciously savory, certainly a perfect palate-opener for an exciting meal head.


Golden Prawn Balls

Deep fried to perfection, these crumbed prawn balls were fantastic! The minced prawn was adeptly prepared with an enjoyable springy and bouncy texture. Seasoning was just nice together with other ingredients rendering a memorable flavors that left a positive impression.


Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables

This colourfully tempting plate of vegetables comprised snow peas, wood ear fungus, fresh lily bulbs, ginkgo nuts and capsicum. All ingredients retained its crunchiness and they were affectionately fresh and sweet, I don’t mind convert to a vegetarian if I can have this everyday 😛


Fish Fillets in Preserved Black Bean Sauce

The tender pieces of fish fillets submerged strong flavored preserved black bean sauce. I like the abundance of scallions being added for that extra crunchiness and zing.


Salt Pepper Prawns

It’s back to basic for this prawn dish but beautifully executed with precision. The prawns were coated with moreish salt pepper seasonong as well as chopped garlic, spring onion and chili. I used my hands when savouring this and it’s finger licking good I tell ya!


Chinese Yam Chicken Soup

Soup is crucial dish in Chinese cuisine it is simply an important course that can really make a meal memorable with heart-warming sensation. Taiwanese cuisine is no exception too, our soup course that evening was a soothing and delicious Chinese Yam Chicken Soup. I enjoyed the light sweetness of the broth with chicken essence and it was absolutely soul warming to the core that kept me warm to battle the cold weather.


Pepper Meat Bun

Encased in the baked bun was peppery minced meat filling with bits of mushrooms, Chinese sausage and spring onion. The bun is covered generously with sesame seed which added fragrance to the overall bite. It wasn’t too shabby but the peppery note was a little bit too strong for my liking.


Sweet and Sour Pork Chop

Tender pieces of boneless pork chop were glazed with piquant sweet, savory and tangy sauce with lots of capsicum, onion, garlic , tomato and chili. It’s a combination that can never go wrong!


Steamed Fresh Crab on Glutinous Rice

You will know how good it was by just looking at the amount of the roes in the crabs. The glutinous rice was richly infused with fried shallot, garlic and dried shrimps and the essence of the fresh crustaceans was rooted deeply in the rice. An absolute sin for weight-watchers but I didn’t want to think about the calories in this, at least for that moment >_<


Our splendid dinner was ended with fresh fruits and mochi. It was indeed a wonderful evening with such a memorably Taiwanese dishes as well as good company and good conversations.


Verdict: Food certainly above average and I have no hesitation in recommending this place if you want to savor some authentic Taiwanese cuisine in Taipei.

Shin Yeh Taiwanese Cuisine 欣叶台菜-创始店

No. 34-1, Shuangcheng Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan.


Tel: +886 2 2596 3255

Operating Hours: 11.00am – 12.00am daily


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