Siew Yok !

So direct & straight to the point! The name tell you what is their specialty!

Siew Yok !
A place with promise of best siew yok!

Airy & comfort ~

Green Tea & Herbal Tea (RM 2.00)

Home made chili sauce ~ Spicy & tangy for extra kick!

Egg Noodle (RM 3.00)
Home made noodle without using of “kan sui” or lye-water, MSG or preservatives. It might look plain because it was only light seasoned with fried shallots oil, but combine perfectly with the siew yok.

Siew Yok ~ Medium (RM 13.50)
There are 3 variants of siew yok here, Melting Gold, Yellow Gold & Black Gold. You may ask what are the different? The CRISPINESS ~~
We had Melting Gold that day which has balance layers of melt-in-mouth fat & lean meat. Well marinated & super crispy roasted skin! (Oh, I’m drooling when writing this!) Really out of the world delicious stuff!!!

Allowed me to poison you with more photo!! Haha ^__^

Clams (RM 15.00)
Served pipping hot in claypot. Sweetness from the fresh claims & spiciness from the bird eyes chilis & ginger rendering the soup to be pretty addictive. I polished off clean & ended up sweated like a horse >.<

Verdict: As a pork lover (both hubby & I), definitely a place that lure us for second visit!

Siew Yok!

27-1, Jalan PJU 5/18
Kota Damansara.

(Same row with Toyota Showroom)

Siew Yok


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