Som Tam Nua @ Siam Center, Bangkok

Finally come back to my Bangkok post! (Previous post: SabX2 Wonton Noodles @ Bangkok) I’m going to share my satisfying dinner at Som Tam Nua which gains its popularity by serving different versions of the Som Tam or papaya salad as well as other Issan (northeastern region of Thailand) delicacies. There are several Som Tam Nua outlets at Bangkok and we opted for the one at Siam Center.


Arrived the mall at dinner’s peak hour and we had to join the queue outside the restaurant. It was a weekday and the restaurant was running on full capacity but uckily the wait was bearable and we were ushered to our table after 20 minutes.





The decor is casual but modern with traits of urban industrial design. Exposed light bulbs, dangling lighting, wooden long communal tables that provide a youthful vibe to the overall setting. However the tables are placed a little too close for comfort.





While waiting for our food, I was busy admiring the quirky knick-knacks that placed on the walls.




Sticky Rice

This was the only option if you want to have rice for your meal.



Papaya Salad with Salted Egg


Som Tom, Thai style salad that can be commonly found at roadside stalls and restaurants. Originally from Issan and there are many variations but generally consist of shredded unripe papaya, chilli, tomato, lime, dried shrimps and peanuts. Other varieties might include marinated baby crab.

We had this version with additional salted egg. The salad undeniable packed a nice fiery punch with pleasant crunchiness from the shredded papaya, long bean and crushed peanuts. The chunks of cherry tomato bring some respite to the taste buds and the dried shrimps provided saltiness to the overall bite.




Fried Chicken

A must have at Som Tam Nua I must say! Perfectly deep fried to a golden brown hue and rendering a extremely crunchy skin while the inner remained juicy. Topped with fried garlic and fresh chopped spring onion for that extra fragrance. Simply out of the world delicious stuff!



Crispy Fish

Deep fried Tilapia fish was nicely executed too. Crispy skin with flaky flesh underneath. Flavors was slightly bland, but the chili sauce provided came as rescuer. It was decent but easily forgettable.



Different chili sauces for the fried chicken wings and fish.


Verdict: I like the papaya salad & of course the fried chicken wings! I will come back  if I ever visit Bangkok again! But my Bangkok makan list is growing longer and longer, too many good food in Bangkok, how lah! >_<



Som Tam Nua

989, Siam Center, 4th Floor, Rama 1 Road, Pathum Wan

Khet Pathum Wan, Bangkok, 10330, Thailand.

Tel: +66-26581000

Operating Hours: 10.00 – 10.00pm


  • Love their fried chicken too, super yums! XD

  • The pic is like google street view kan? with faces blurred out. haha

  • Thai papaya salad is the best and the fried chicken looks really crispy. The chilli dip for the fish looks robusly flavoured, probably that’s why the fish is bland. I think I’ll enjoy all 3 dishes 🙂

  • the fried chicken looks gorgeous … i think i’d happily eat three or four pieces 😀

  • Had this before but it’s too spicy for me! Wanna cry T_T

    • Like that only “ci kek” mah, hehe ^__^

      • अरे परवा एका लेखकाचे आत्मनीवेदन वाचण्यात आले.त्याची आई आपले दूध पिळुन वाटीत काढून ठेउन, मिल मधे कामावर जात होती..आजी ते त्याला पाजायचीलेकरानी त्रास देउ नाही म्हणुन त्याला अफ़ु द्यायची……ही गोश्ट अशीच आहे……………………………………………………………………….फ़रक फ़क्त……..लेखकाची आई मिल मधे कामा वर जाय ची….but..but but.ह्या “माद्या” आणी त्त्यांना सामील त्यांचे “नर”हाच तो “आई” आणी “दाई”त ला फ़रक

  • I really really love som tam! 🙂

    I first had it in 2004/5 when I went to Bangkok and I was hooked. Most people don’t like it coz it has a rather intense sour and spicy flavor but I love it! I like the ones with blue/flower crab, there are som tam speciality places like this one that you went to that allows you to add all sorts of stuff to som tam.

  • This restaurant has very lovely and interesting decor on the walls. It makes the ambiance cozy and fun to eat with friends!

    I love Thai food always. Did I tell you that I grew up in Thailand during childhood days where my grandparents lived? Oh well, just sharing that Som Tam is actually originated from North East where the Isaan folks live and they used to be the poorest before until recently. I love that sticky rice too and it is supposed to be the food of the northern folks near Chiengrai / Chiengmai till Yunan areas as they travel & live on mountains where sticky rice is most ideal and suitable to be carried for days. That’s what my late Thai mum told me.

  • Yes TM, u’ve mentioned in your blog that you grew up at Thailand and I knew a liitle bit about your background. Thanks for sharing me the history of this Thai street food, it’s interesting nonetheless 🙂

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