>Starbucks Breakfast Pairing Menu

>As a consumer we have to spend smartly especially during these challenging times~~

Starbucks Coffee has introduced their new Breakfast Pairing Menu which cost only RM 6.50. It consist of sandwich of your choice (or any food item below RM 4.80) and pair with a cup of Tall Coffee . Or add RM 3.00 to have a Tall Latte. What a steal right?
(*coffee refillable until 11am ~ credits to Lulu ~~ thanks)

My Sausage Omelette Sandwich

The sandwich was re-heated before served. The Ciabatta bread was a bit hard but sausages, melted cheese & omelette definitely a great combination!!!

Enjoy reading your favorite magazine or books if you have your Starbucks breakfast at Borders. (I had my breakfast @ Borders – The Curve :P). Not to mention surfing net on a comfortable sofa (free WIFI in every Starbucks) ~~ Just by spending RM 6.50, why not?

*Starbucks Breakfast is available until 11.00am at all store in Malaysia.


  • >That’s a pretty tasty looking sandwich. $6.50 is not bad!

  • >Wow, I love Starbucks very much!

  • >never eat at starbug b4. oni drink drink.

  • >i like starbucking because of the good wifi…hehehe..and of course, it is very comfortable there. ;D

  • >this is a big steal!!!
    but again, the breakfast til 11am?

  • 550ml jar of faith

    >A real steal! Starbucks finally taking a leaf out of McDs’ recession strategy? I am not a big fan of their sandwiches but find myself looking longingly in the display counter when I stop for my latte at the Subang air terminal building.

  • >this is great and value for money.

  • >the pairing menu available everyday?or weekday onli?

  • >I worked in Starbucks b4, I found their breakfast is good!

    you forgot to mention that d coffee is refillable til 11pm!

  • >Definitely a good start for the day! I like this type of sandwich. Haha, Ai Wei has a point, 11am is close to lunch time.

  • >thanks ur recommendation

  • >Yup, Starbucks is also my favourite. Before I had my office in Plaza Mont Kiara, I used to hang out at Starbucks there … did you know that on Fridays and Saturdays, the open 24 hours?

  • >The serving is quite small hor?

  • thenomadGourmand

    >honestly i find the food at Starbucks rather wanting..but hv yet to try the breakfast menu..

  • >i’ve actualyy never had any food at starbucks.

    more for a drink than anything.

    but given the reasonable price for the breakfast set, and the comfortable setting, i may just go once

  • >colin: Yummy ~~~

    akira: Love their coffee?

    man: I also seldom eat there 😛

    nic: But sofa seats are limited 🙁

    ai wei: Ya, until 11am ONLY 🙁

    550ml jar of faith: It’s time to have it since they have promotion!!!

    foodbin: Definitely~~

  • >anonymous: Everyday!!!

    lulu: Thanks for ur tips but…. I always reach there late, don’t have chance to refill 🙁

    sugar bean: I always reach there late *sleeping is more importsnt on weekend :P*

    sock ping: Good deal must share share mah, u r most welcome 🙂

    timothy: I never know have 24hrs Starbucks!!! Still available now?

    thenomadgourmand: My 1st time tried the breakfast too ~~

    j2kfm: I think most ppl is like u, normally go for a drink only~~

  • >had there once and it’s really good ^_^

  • >Stimulus menu? Good price. Wonder if chai latte is part of it?

  • >do they open before 9am ?

  • backStreetGluttons

    >This is perfect for us to recharge pur overused notebook and undercharged tummies !

    The before 11 King !

  • >xin: Seem like u like it very much eh~~ 🙂

    worldwindows: Just add RM 3.00 to get tall Latte 😉

    ling: I think different outlet different opening time?

    backstreetgluttons: Charges battery? ^.^

  • >Looks good! I don’t think there’s b’fast in Indonesian strabucks.

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