>Subway Sandwiches & Salads

>Buy 1 get 1 free promotion from Subway~~

Get your vouchers from newspaper

Step 1: Choose your bread.

Parmesan Oregno – A bit tough & hard to bite 🙁

Honey Oat – Soft texture, I like this~~

Step 2: Choose your toppings.
You can have it all if you want, hehe (kiasu?)

Step 3: Choose you sauces.

Teriyaki Chicken.

Turkey ham & breast with cheese.

TWO large soft drinks.

Total : RM 17.96 (tax included) for 2 satisfied tummies!!

Value for money huh… 🙂

Subway Sandwiches & Salads
E-01-16, Block E
Plaza Mont Kiara
2, Jln Kiara, Mont Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-62015788

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  • >You should try the Subway Club, i think that’s the best sandwich that i ever had. *_^

  • >When I saw “Subway” in Germany, I really feel surprise coz the prices in Malaysia are so expensive!However, I never try it. Think I should really try it 1 day.^^
    The teriyaki chicken looks so delicious~~

  • "Joe" who is constantly craving

    >ok la..with that offer, its definitely a decent lunch..just dun pay full price..

  • >wah got voucher! i love subway. hehe i always sneak my subway into the cinema if i catch 6.30pm show. i like bmt, but usually i skip all the pickles and the olives, they look like tayar, i dont like.

  • >我觉得subway的面包干干的,我不是很喜欢 😛

  • >大头"霞": Subway Club? What ingredients inside?

    小老鼠: Everything import to M'sia will become expensive & high class >.<"

    joe: Haha, I think I wont come here for it's original price 😛

    xin: But I like pickles & olives~.~

    bearlim: 那天我选的parmesan Oregano也是有点硬 ~.~"

  • >how’re are the breads? i always find the breads too hard. and too much. eat bread oso full liao.

  • >when the bread is too hard, it gives me headache…>.<"

  • >i’m usually very kiasu at subway. i’ll request for more vege, more sauce,etc..hehehe..have to lar, cos they sure dont come cheap, right? hehehehe

  • >fatboybakes: The Parmesan Oregano was hard but the Hoeny Oat quite soft actually~~

    ling: Feel like my tooth 1 2 pull out when bite the bread >_<

    nic: Behave like Singaporean liao? hehe 😛

  • >subway prices arent exactly sub.. hehehe… so have to always ask for more

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