Sushi Tei @ Cheras Sentral Mall

Sushi Tei, a Japanese chain that we can found at a few established mall such as Pavilion, The Gardens Mall, Tropicana City Mall & etc and now their latest outlet is located at the new refurbished Cheras Central Mall.



The bright & spacious outlet is dressed in light wood tone contrast with coloured checkers walls that exude a comfortable and relax vibe for a pleasure dining experience. The dining area is separated into a few sections which included a few private rooms to cater different groups and occasions.


The restaurant’s menu boasts a wide variety of food ranging from sashimi, sushi, rolls, yakimono, agemoni, tempura, donmono, nabemono, wanmono and desserts.


Green Tea (Hot & Cold)



Sake (Warm or Cold ~RM 7.00++ for 160ml) &  Umeshu (RM 13.00++ for 160ml)



Clockwise from left: Chawanmushi (RM 5.60++), Zuwai Gani Chawanmushi (RM 9.80++) & Ikura Chawanmushi (RM 13.80++)

One of my favourite order, the silky & wobbly steamed egg with different toppings were cooked to perfection, I hope I can master the skill too =.=”



Asari Sakamushi (RM 19.80++)

Clams in sake broth was surprisingly sweet in taste, not really suit my taste bud but it is just a personal preference 😛



Shiretoko Platter (RM 88.80++)

Definitely a sight to behold! The huge bowl was brimming with thick cut of fresh raw fish arranged beautifully layered with sliced lemons and cucumbers. The sashimi bowl featuring tuna belly, yellow tail, sea bream, salmon, butterfish and scallop which were unquestionably fresh and scrumptious. The sweetness from the fish was so divine and the texture was perfectly executed, just awesome!



Duck Aburi Wafuu Carpaccio (RM 16.80++)

Served with refreshing ponzu sauce, the smoked duck was delectable and the served along  pickled onions and alfalfa sprout successfully offset the meaty taste, this let us consumed more, hehe 😛



Ankimo Ponzu (RM 26.80++)

This definitely not my kind of food although I dared myself to try a small bits after much encouragement from my partners-in-crime that evening ~>_<~ It was the chilled monkfish liver which has similar texture and taste like foie gras (FYI, which I’m not really fancy too >_<).



Wagyu Wafuu Tataki (RM 58.80++)

Slightly seared wagyu beef slices served with ponzu sauce, citrus soy sauce, scallion and grated radish. The beef was extremely lusciously tender where the juice was literally oozing out in your mouth when munching.


There are more than 20 choices of sushi rolls dominate the menu, the colourful rolls with different kind of ingredients definitely make the decision making a difficult task!


Special Unagi Roll (RM 17.80++ & RM 29.80++)

As a unagi lover, I’ll opted for this delicious tamago & cucumber rolls topped with glistening kabayaki unagi.



Dynamite Roll (RM 16.80++)

The combination of tobiko (flying fish roes) and the SPICY seafood salad topping had created an “explosion” of taste, definitely not your ordinary sushi roll!



Golden Roll (RM 14.80++ & 22.80++)

King prawn maki roll topped with mango, a very refreshing one I would say~



Ni Anago (RM 16.80++)

The appearance was impressive but the texture was a bit dry for us.



Wagyu Houbayaki (RM 58.80++)

It wowed us when the waiter served this on our table. Placed on a portable burner, the well-marbled wagyu beef was lay on bed of mushrooms dressed with miso sauce on a big leave.


We can get our hands on to cook the beef to the preferred doneness and what I suggest is medium rare to enjoy the tenderness and juiciness of the meat. The mushrooms underneath was equally tantalizing too, well-absorb the saltiness and flavors from the miso sauce. Can I just hog this whole serving by myself, please~~~~~


Agemono or deep fried dishes are aplenty too in the menu, we can only manage choose a few since there are too many other types of food we wanna try in the menu! #hopecanhavemorestomachspace


Tempura Moriawase (RM 13.80++)

Thinly battered, the fried vegetables and seafood was served pipping hot and non-greasy.



Kaki Fried (RM 21.80++)

Fried plump oyster, suitable for those not fancy of raw oyster like me 😛



Golden Soft Shell Crab (RM 13.80++)

Elevated version of fried soft shell crab topped with moreish and creamy salted egg sauce and fish roes.



Gyoza (RM 10.80++)



Left: Saba Shio (RM 14.80++), Right: Saba Triyaki (RM 14.80++)

Another favourite of mine when come to Japanese food. I like the meaty and flaky fish which I finished almost half of the portion 😛



Hotate Mentaiyaki (RM 16.80++)


Ebi Mentaiyaki (RM 22.80++)

The gigantic scallops and prawns fully covered with addictive mentaiko sauce, the taste was really spot on and each bite sent my brain into “food orgasm”, no kidding!


Although we were stuffed to the max but our decision to sample a few desserts from the menu obviously a correct one!


Yuzu Ice Cream, Matcha Ice Cream & Black Sesame Ice Cream (RM 7.00++ / scoop)

Intensely flavored and my vote went to match flavor, adored the bitter after taste ^__*



Nama Match Ice Cream (RM 12.50++)


Nama Chocolate Ice Cream (RM 12.50++)


Pino Bitter (RM 8.00++)

Pop the whole morsel in your mouth and experience yourself what will happen! Highly recommended and make sure you save some room for theses!



Konnyaku Mochi (RM 8.50)

This might be the least favourite of that evening as the weird “crunchy” texture is not supposed to be appeared in mochi =.=”


Verdict: Sushi Tei, an affordable Japanese food chain but manage to provide the greatest food quality. A decent choice if you don’t want to splurge too much when Japanese food craving attack 🙂



Sushu Tei
Cheras Sentral Mall
Jalan 2/142a, Taman Len Seng,
56000 Kuala Lumpur.



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