Taang Shifu

Soup is a crucial element in Cantonese cuisine and I have soft spot for double boiled soup maybe because I’m blessed to have home cook soup all these while by my mom 😛 (I Love You Mama ♥, muaks!)

Taang Shifu (formerly known as Tang Shifu), literally means the “Soup Master” where the restaurant’s forte lies in its nutritious and nourishing soups. Definitely my cup of tea!

Elegantly decorated in golden theme with Chinese elements thrown in here and there.


The huge glass panel wall make the restaurant looks comfortably spacious.


Wall full of ancient Chinese calligraphy.


Rows of hanging lights.


Guava with ChenPi 陈皮芭乐 (RM 2.00++)

The sliced guava still remain the crunchiness with subtle hints of sour from the ChenPi (Dried Mandarin Orange Skin)


Summer Tea 养生花茶 (RM 8.90++)


Mee Suah with Dried Scallop & Abalone Slices 干贝鲍片面线套餐 (RM 17.90++)

Served in wooden bucket, the smooth slippery mee suah in herbal soup was good, topped with dried scallop and abalone slices. There was a sizable chunk of skinless chicken meat too; hence their tagline “Healthiness Start with Taang Shifu”.


Side dishes came with the set; The black beans was OK but the braised meat was too dry.


Ning Shen Nourishing Soup 宁神补气汤套餐 (RM 16.90++)


The herbal taste of the soup was mild and soothing, while the brown rice was healthier (more fiber & vitamins)  if compare to white rice, which further strengthens their “healthy food” branding.

Come and check them out if you need some healthy and wholesome nutritious food to sooth your stressed body and soul~


   Taang Shifu

   Click HERE for Taang Shifu Branches


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