Taste of Kota Bahru (TOKB) Cafe @ Section 13, P.J

Taste of Kota Bahru (TOKB) Cafe, Malaysia’s first military concept cafe that serves up tantalizing yet affordable Kelantanese dishes is now opened at Avenue D’ Vogue, Section 13, Petaling Jaya.



The military-themed concept actually inspired from our nation’s history back in 1941.

Kota Bahru was invaded by the Japanese on 8th December 1941. Unbeknown to most, the infamous attack on Pearl Harbour only took 70 minutes later, and World War II was declared. This point is left in many of our history books. TOKB provides an opportunity to learn more about the major role Kota Bahru played in the early years.









I was truly impressed by the interior of TOKB adorned with assorted war paraphernalia. Being part cafe and part viewing gallery with eclectic mix of wartime memorabilia, the team unquestionably put a lot of effort into it. Spanning over 6000 sq ft., the place is brimming with character with lots of corner to explore.



Antique military motorcycles on one of the display stage.




A very laid back area in the furthest section of the cafe.




Going up to the mezzanine floor, lies a quieter corner and one will be riveted to the collection of antique photos, old bank notes, military medals and army uniform.


TOKB focuses on serving scrumptious range of authentic Kelantan delicacies such as Nasi Kerabu, Nasi Dagang, Laksam, just to name a few. There are small selection of Japanese and Western tidbits such as Edamame, Cucumber Salad, Crudites and Smoked Salmon Canapes, demonstrating the presence of the two ruling parties who may have introduced their flavors to Malaya, yet do not affect the original taste of Kota Bahru.


Left: Teh Atom Hot (RM 9.00)

Right: Teh Atom Cold (RM 9.50)

Definitely not your usual Teh Tarik, honey is used to sweetened the drink instead of condensed milk or sugar. The tinge of sweetness was natural and easy to the palate.


The kitchem team is helmed by Kak Ma from Kelantan who cooks the traditional recipes passed down through the generations from her ancestors. She has been sharing her soul- soothing dishes in a small ‘warung’ (stall) for over 30 years. Most of the ingredients are sourced directly from Kota Bahru to ensure the authenticity of the food.


Nasi Kerabu Signature (RM 17.90)

The beautiful blue-coloured rice is served with various herbs, vegetables, kerisik, fish meat-stuffed pepper (solok lada), salted egg, keropok and fried chicken. Also served along are sambal ikan budu and sambal belacan for that extra kicks and flavors.



Nasi Rocket (RM 17.90)

With choices of beef or fish, the Nasi Rocket or traditionally known as Nasi Tumpang is a multi -tiered rice dish in elongated cone shape. This was once a convenient and daily fuel for farmers, fishermen and workers on the go. Features fragrant white rice wrapped in banana leaf with layers of gulai Ikan Tongkal, gulai udang, beef or fish serunding, served with fried chicken and keropok.




Ayam Masak Merah (RM 11.90)


Ayam Goreng Berempah (RM 11.90)


Ikan Keli Paprik (RM 12.90)

Nasi Dagang, is a popular pick for all occasions such as breakfast, lunch and festivities.  The fragrant coconut infused rice is great to go with your choice of main dish.



Laksam (RM 13.90)

Also know as Laksa of Kelantan, Laksam is one of the staple food at East Coast. Features flat rice noodle rolls submerged in creamy white fish and coconut gravy. The flavors was mild with sweet hint of coconut, the served along sambal chili help to boost up the flavors.



Don’t forget to check out their loyalty programme which the member will be presented with their very own engraved military name tag. Ranking from Sergeant to General, the discount entitlement is beginning from 8% all the way up to 22%.



Verdict: Exploring the authentic flavors of Northern Malaysia amongst the atmosphere inspired by World War II at TOKB!




Ground floor, Menara Inspiration (Avenue D’Vogue)

No.3A, Jalan 13/2, Seksyen 13, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor D.E.

Tel: +6012-283 0780

Operating Hours: Mon, Wed to Sun – 12.00pm to 9.00pm (Close on Tuesday)

Website: www.tokbcafe.com.my/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/tokbcafe/


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