Tastefully Food & Beverage Expo 2012

What gets Malaysian’s more excited than a massive food fair? The Tastefully Food & Beverage Expo 2012 is Malaysia’s largest consumer food fair showcases wide variety of foods and cooking equipments from all over the world.

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This was the second year of this expo and I had a chance to pay it a visit and it was indeed an eye-opener experience for me. Let me bring you have stroll in the exhibition!


Korean Food

Assorted Korean snack food was prepared by Korean lively in the booth, so expect nothing but the authentic Korean flavors!


Kimchi is the crucial food in every Korean family.


Korean rice cake in spicy sauce (Dukboki), Kimchi pancake & rice pancake with peanut filling.



Old Sweet House specialize in Vietnamese sandwiches.




Moon Kee Confectionery


Freshly baked pastries such as egg tarts, siew bao and kaya puffs waiting for you to bring them home. I had their egg tart and I love the fluffy and pastry skin and the egg custard filling was delectable~ Click HERE for their outlets.



Yuen Chun which offer wide variety of sauces and instant cooking paste.



Gee Seng originated from Ipoh with their well-known formulated curry fish paste, chicken curry paste, Tom Yum paste and sambal.



Par Tea Time

Voted as Malaysia’s Web Contest No.1 Bubble Tea. Current outlets: SS15 Subang Jaya, Kota Damansara, Setapak, Kepong, Serdang Perdana and Kampar.



F & N


Milk Tea booth


Live cooking demonstration using F & N evaporated milk.



Chef Tony’s Popcorn

Chef Tony’s Original Recipe is a tradition of making the best Caramel Popcorn around. Chef Tony combines the best and the freshest ingredients together with its secret roasting technique to produce the best tasting Gourmet Popcorn. With only using US grown popcorn kernels and use only 100% pure oils, no chemicals or modified fats in their popcorn, Chef Tony is committed to offering the highest quality in every tub you buy.


The Christmas special edition packaging with special flavors of Valencia Orange and Hazelnut Cream.



Some activities & competitions was going on too to entertain the crowd.



Cute Dorayaki.




Cooking equipments & pots.



Careful Classic

Offered assorted puddings and beverages.


I tried their crispy durian rolls and what I can say is you definitely don’t want to miss this if you are a durian fanatic like me! Light & crispy skin with very intense and creamy durian flesh.



I also bought some Wafu dressing, a good companion for my boring salad meal >.<



 Rich Crackers Marketing


Fish crackers, prawn crackers and sweet potato crackers.



Fat Mum Sauce

Originally founded by a chef of a restaurant at Butterworth ~ Fat Mum Seafood House with many signature dishes like Asam Steam Fish, Cheong Cheng Tofu, Kam Heong Chicken and Black Pepper Crab. Because of FatMum’s tasty sauce, customers often request to buy their sauces and as the sauces gained popularity and demand, they decided to cease their restaurant business and venture into the sauce manufacturing business.

Fat Mum’s 6 flavors of sauces:- Fat Mum Assam Sauce, Fat Mum Cheong Cheng, Fat Mum Special Curry Chicken Sauce, Fat Mum Black Pepper Sauce & Fat Mum Kam Heong Sauce.



Hunts BBQ Sauce and Peter Pan Peanut Butter


ACT II ~ The convenient microwave pop-corn bag.



Rest my leg and enjoyed some of the food available in the exhibition.

Verdict: Regret not bring a “TROLLEY” with me because there was too many things I want to buy!    ~☆〜(ゝ。∂)


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