Teresa’s Kitchen @ Kowloon, Hong Kong

Read my full 4D3N Hong Kong Trip itinerary HERE.


Even a well planned itinerary is not able to prevent this ~ more than two hours of flight delay to Hong Kong!

The results? A late checked-in at our hotel and of course a haywire dinner plan. When we left the hotel to search for impromptu food, it was already 9pm++. Not willing to travel further as we were tired, we tried our luck in walking a few steps away from our hotel lobby. Luckily, we managed to spot a traditional Hong-Kong style cafe and wasted no time in basking in our first authentic Hong Kong cafe experience.


Teresa’s Kitchen @ Kowloon, Hong Kong

Hot tea for drinking? Washing cutlery?


Milk Tea

A must when dine in at any Hong Kong Cha Chan Teng, the smooth and well balanced taste that we can’t get in Malaysia, according to hubby 😛


Pork Chop Rice

Portion was humongous with 2 big slab of slightly fried pork chops doused in generous amount of tomato gravy with plenty of onions. Hubby enjoyed immensely the meaty pork chop which is tender accompanied with the appetizing sourish gravy.


Minced Meat Fried Rice

Again, the portion was big enough to be shared by 2 small eater! The “wok hei’ was so distinctively present and the rice was fluffy. The egg bits and the well marinated minced meat lends the savory taste to the overall bites.

After the satisfied late dinner we went back to hotel, that’s ended our first night at Hong Kong…


On the last day at Hong Kong before we checked out from the hotel, we came back to Teresa’s Kitchen for breakfast.

Breakfast Set for HKD 27.00 include a mains + bun + hot coffee/tea (additional charge for iced beverages)


Hot Milk (Not included in breakfast set)


Hot Coffee


Hot Bun with Butter


Pork Patties and Fried Eggs

Pork patties were a tad too salty if eat alone, recommended to pair with the bun.


Macaroni Soup with Bacon and Fried Egg

I had soupy macaroni everyday at Hong Kong as breakfast or lunch, my truly comfort food 😛


  Teresa’s Kitchen

  Same row with Metropark Hotel Kowloon




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