The Bala’s Holiday Chalet @ Cameron Highlands (Planters Country Hotel)

New revisions have been announced to the MCO 2.0 SOP list which including the restrictions of 2 passengers per vehicle, 10km travel limit, and 2 patrons per table in restaurants have been removed. Full list of revised SOP as of 18 Feb 2021 can refer HERE.

With the loosen up SOPs as well as the arrival of Covid-19 vaccines, I believe many of you are waiting for the ease of travel restrictions or even the reopening of borders. I think it’s a good timing to share about my accommodation review of The Bala’s Holiday Chalet at Cameron Highlands, just in case you’re in the midst of planning your travel plan. (^_-)

It was an impromptu stay at Cameron Highlands as our initial plan was a day trip to enjoy the highland’s cold air and some fresh produce shopping (this trip was in September last year). However, our itinerary was ruined as we were stuck in the traffic jam in the town and wasted so much time on the road. So hubby decided to stay overnight and The Bala’s Holiday Chalet was one of the better accommodation options due to last-minute decision as well as the hard-to-please picky wife. <(▰˘◡˘▰)>

Another hotel option at Cameron Highlands ~ Century Pines Resort


With a very traditional English Tudor design, The Bala’s Holiday Chalet located in Tanah Rata is one of the oldest colonial buildings in Cameron Highlands built during the pre-war era and has been preserved in its original structure till today.   

Car park space was quite limited at the front yard and some were on roadside of the very steep hill and there is no barrier, so park at your own risk. >_<


Reception counter and sitting area.


The long stone staircase leading to our room. 


Our 47m² Family Suite (which can accommodate 4 persons) is a double storey chalet equipped with two queen size beds. 


The interior was rather dim with very limited yellowish lighting. Dark wood beams ceiling, carpeted flooring and furnished with rather dated furniture, I would have hoped for a better condition room for the price paid. The bed was adequate but the bed linens seem not thoroughly cleaned and there were stains on on it. There’s no fan (of course no air-cond too) in the room hence the insufficient on ventilation.


Another queen size bed on the first floor.


Spacious bathroom but the water heater was not functioning well. 


Toiletries provided were limited to only shower gel, soap and shampoo. Bath towels, TV with limited channels, bottled water, coffee and tea making facilities were provided as well. WiFi also being stated in the facility list  but it was almost non-existence.


Exterior of the chalets with overgrown ivy and lush greenery makes surroundings so appealing.


Enjoying the refreshing cool air, spectacular mountain view, luscious tropical landscape and the bird chirping sound in the morning. 


Another room type.


The traditional English Tudor buildings with heavy timber and leaded glass windows under the steeply pitched gable roof set admist the enchanted courtyard.


The overgrown exterior of The Bala’s Holiday Chalet is a living carpet in the blossoming garden.


Countless of beautiful flowers in the garden.


The Bala’s Holiday Chalet is well known for their afternoon tea and heritage lovers will get excited over authenticity present everywhere at the Planters Tea House.


British India Restaurant serving Indian and western cuisine.


A mandatory photo with the lovely garden. (^_-)-☆


Verdict: In nutshell, it is a beautiful place but the room rate was simply overpriced considering the facilities offered as well as the cleanliness level of the room. We paid RM500 for our stay (without breakfast) and the satisfaction level was underwheming. There’s definitely room of improvement in terms of room maintenance and level of comfortability. 


The Bala’s Holiday Chalet (Planters Country Hotel)

Lot 55, Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands, 39000 Pahang.

Tel: +605-491 1660





  • Wah! What can I say? I love the plants, flowers and greenery, so beautiful. But I can’t say that I appreciate the interior decor. It’s meant to be old school of course. I’d love to go up there again some day. My last trip tp Cameron Highlands is like 30 years ago. LOL!

  • Oh my I do miss Cameron, need to get back to traveling so many places once restriction is over.. please pretty please.

  • It’s so eerily quiet that you were able to take photos with hardly any people in it (I suppose people weren’t confident enough to travel then). One thing I don’t like is the bathroom without an enclosed shower means the entire floor will be wet (I hate that!). I guess this place is all about the landscape and exterior beauty. P/S: The Xmas decor…is that early decoration or not taken down from the year before!! 😀

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