The Gastro Project @ Section 17, P.J

The Gastro Project (TGP), a neighborhood restaurant that carry an interesting concept of combining good food and movie which located at Section 17, Petaling Jaya.


Push the glass door and you will be greeted with a retro setting interior yet exude a classical vibe by its black & white checkered floor, soft dim lighting and framed posters of Hollywood stars.



One also can chill out at the bar counter and enjoy some special concoction from the mixologist.



Heading up to the first floor, there is an open space which can be converted into a open theater for movie screening. There is also a bar where patrons can enjoy sipping their favourite cocktails while watching the movie.



Our dinner was kick started with a few of TGP’s signature salads & appetizers.



Japanese Style Salad (RM 20.00)

Mixed salad leaves, avocado, pine nuts and pomegranate seeds tossed with Japanese inspired sesame dressing and sprinkled with handful of sesame seeds. A very light salad  with delicate nutty flavors, simply gorgeous.



TGP Mozzarella Salad (RM 20.00)

Made up with plenty of crispy croutons, tomatoes, pine nuts, Buffalo mozzarella and drizzled with appetizing balsamic vinegar and lastly perfumed with basil leaves. As for myself, I prefer more greens in my salad so the previous version got my vote 😛



Mushroom Tart (RM 15.00)

Sitting on bed of greens, the disc of polenta cake was topped with savory minced caramelized mushrooms, onions and cheese. The mixture of texture and flavors was pretty interesting and definitely worth a try!



Lamb Kebabs (RM 20.00)


The minced lamb had good flavor of spices and the accompanied pesto dipping sauce for those for what a more zesty finish for the meat.



Fettuccine (RM 20.00)

The al-dente fettuccine were coated with a light but vibrant fresh tomato sauce laced with various herbs. Crowned with grilled chicken breast, the whiff of aroma from this pasta was salivating and make me can’t wait to dig in!



Orrechiette (RM 28.00)

The ear shape pasta was sufficiently creamy and thankfully not too thick & cloying. Also appeared were homemade meat balls, chicken sausage and sun dried tomato to complete the wholesomeness of the dish.



Duck Confit (RM 48.00)


Gleaming in a deep mahogany colour, the duck confit had an extremely crispy skin and moist and tender inner which was nothing less than spectacular!



Sirloin Steak 220g (RM 48.00)

With minimal seasonings, the flavors of the steak was spot on but unfortunately it was slightly overcooked rendering the texture was a wee bit tough for my liking.



The Moroccan (RM 32.00)

Pine nuts and pomegranate seeds definitely the chef’s favourite ingredients here at TGP. Not only found in the salads but also made their appearance here in the pizza. Named The Moroccan, the pizza was lusciously topped with cheese and homemade lamb balls with mint leaves which really gave an exotic taste.



The Indian (RM 28.00)

The copious toppings of their pizza definitely something commendable! This Indian inspired pizza was topped with spicy chicken perratal, cucumber Raita and Paneer, the enticing spices flavors was irresistible even for someone like me who doesn’t fancy pizza 😛



Stuffed chicken Mascarpone (RM 45.00)


An elevated version of chicken Gordon Blue with a very unique stuffing that you will never imagine of! Mascarpone cheese and breadcrumbs! Yes, is breadcrumbs, but the texture definitely not something close to it! That creamy combination was amazingly scrumptious and blended with the chicken breast perfectly harmony. Drizzled with creamy thyme sauce. Served with sauteed with vegetables and roast potatoes



Intriguing (RM 15.00)


Just a commonly found mango pudding you may guess from its outlook but this definitely more than that! Underneath the sweet mango puree was a layer of pumpkin puree, both carried a velvety smooth texture. Take a deep scoop from the cream at the top to the mango and the pumpkin puree at the bottom, enjoy the mesmerizing moment.



Hmmmm (RM 15.00)

What a name! How can we leave TGP without sample one of their signature cocktail! Made with fresh strawberries, brown sugar,midori, dark rum and almond, I like the light to the palate taste. I’m lucky that I was on car pool that evening and I had 2 glasses of this! #dontdrinkanddrive



Fancy dining with the stars? The Gastro Project definitely a place for you!


Verdict: There was hits and misses for the food but overall it was an enjoyable dining experience at TGP. I’ll come back for their pizzas and pasta which really hit the spot!



The Gastro Project
25, Jln 17/56, 46400 Petaling Jaya,  Selangor D.E.
Tel: +603-79316465
Business Hour: Mon – Thur: 12.00pm to 11.00pm
                              Fri – Sun: 12.00pm to 1.00am





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