The Giraffe

Do you know you can meet with many giraffes and no need to go to zoo? Where? You will ask……

Here, at The Giraffe located Klang, behind Klang Parade to be precise!

We were greeted by this eye-catching facade when we arrived. Castle look alike corner shop surrounded by plants.


Take a look at the interior and the al-fresco dining area. The setting was presented in myriad of colours created  cheerful ambiance for family or friends gathering.


Colourful giraffes in different sizes, everywhere~


Have a peep~~     (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))


The cute menu~ Giraffe, Home for the food lover.

With extensive range of food offered like salads, pasta, burgers, noodles, rice, grills and desserts.


Some of the promotions.


From left to right: Orange + Pineapple (RM 8.30), Tomato + Sour Plum (RM 7.60), Orange + Carrot + Celery (RM 8.30), Umbra + Sour Plum (RM 7.50)

The best thirst quencher!


Grass Jelly Teh Tarik Blended (RM 7.90)


Traffic Light Solero Smoothies (RM 9.90)

A green-red-yellow Solero in a smoothies, I’m sure kids will like this!


Flavored Hot Chocolate Lollipop (RM 7.90)

Interesting brainchild from one of the owner of The Giraffe. A mug of milk with burner underneath served with chocolate lollipop with different flavor your choice. Slowly stir the chocolate lollipop in the hot milk until the chocolate is melted. Voila, done my hot chocolate milk!


Jumbo Towe Platter (RM 59.80)

The humongous serving of snacks platter served with 3 types of sauce ~ Wasabi Mayo, Mango Dipping and Thousand Island.

Tuna Prawn Tart (RM 11.80)

The tuna tart was crowned with lightly battered prawn, crunchy and creamy at the same time, indeed a good combination.


Pig in the Blanket

What a cute name~ Cocktail sausages wrapped with savory bacon.


French Alpes Salad (RM12.80)

Romain lettuce, tomato, shredded carrots, olive, chunks of hard boiled egg and tuna accented by appetizing homemade mustard dressing.


A La Bolognaise (RM 12.50)

The al-dente pasta coated with a light but vibrant fresh tomato sauce with minced pork and sausages.


Mee Goreng

This fried noodle was full with “wok hei” imparted by the hot wok during stir frying, very aromatic indeed!


Pork Chop Fried Rice (RM 11.60)

Fried rice topped with fried breaded pork chop, I love the fried rice which is fluffy with plenty of egg.


Mint Lamb Chop (RM 15.80)

The portion was more than generous with 3 big slabs of lamb chop dressed with refreshing mint sauce.


Roast Chicken Wrap (RM 11.80)

Shredded roast chicken wrapped in tortillas with lettuce, tomatoes, eggs, melted cheese, mustard dressing and served with chips.


Tom Yam Pork Ribs Pasta (RM 27.80)

One of the chef’s recommendation and it was indeed deserve a merit. The huge chunks of pork ribs drench in a tangy, spicy and sour tom yum gravy, a good balance of flavors.


Pork Belly (RM 13.90)

The layers of fats intertwined with the meat provides a good moisture to the skewers and the smokey taste of the grilled meat just work wonder with the Teriyaki sauce. Awesome stuff!


Piggy Pork Burger (RM 15.80)

The house-made pork patty was thick but still remain juicy and the addition of streaky bacon gave it a extra savory taste.


The Giraffe Townhouse Burger Stacko (RM 36.60)

This visually stunning giant burger ensembled  triple stacks of pork patties, bacon, lettuce, cheese, tomato. Don’t try to finish this by your own!


Kampung Fried Rice (RM 9.60)

An unpretentious food but nicely executed, hot & spicy~ The fried anchovies provide a pleasant crunchy twist to it.


Porkie Fries (RM 8.80)

Since most of the food was served with French fries as side so we got this special fried luncheon meat which really acted as great beer snack.


Green Tea Beer (RM 13.80)

When talk about beer snack, something you can’t miss here at The Giraffe are their house-made fruity beer. From blueberry, lychee, green tea, pomegranate and mango, I believe these fruit-infused beer are most welcoming by lady who don’t like the “bitterness” of the ordinary beer.


The crowd on a Sunday night.


He is waiting for you, pay him a visit!

PS: They don’t serve giraffe meat 😛


Verdict: Variety is massive and the food is decent with very reasonable price, how I wish I’m staying nearby Klang area so I can visit this place more frequent.


The Giraffe

L4-1-2 Jalan Pekan Baru 34
41050 Klang, Selangor.
Tel: 603-3341 8933

 Business Hour: Mon – Sun 10.00am – 12.00am




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