>The Wok Cafe

>When I first stepped in at The Wok, I felt like I’m walking in a traditional Baba Nyonya house at Malacca 😛
It’s fully decorated with antique items, wooden wall fixtures , old photos & picture~~

Of course, they serve Penang Nyonya cuisines & local delights (but they claimed “home-cooked”)~~
When we reached there, most of the tables were occupied or reserved. Recession-proof? Seems like their business is good ~~

Nasi Lemak – RM 8.00
Accompanied with standard condiments like fried anchovies, cucumber, peanuts, sambal & a piece of rendang chicken. It’s an average nasi lemak, nothing to shout about~~

Pork Cincalok – RM 12.00 & Steam Rice – RM 1.50
One of their signature dish. The half lean half fat pork drenched in pungent cincalok (preserved baby shrimp) sauce. The cincalok tasted sweet, sour & spicy..
Hmm.. I’m not used to the taste but hubby said it went well with white rice….

The Wok Cafe
26-G, Jalan PJU 5/21,
The Strand Damansara,
Kota Damansara,
47810 P.J

Tel: 012-2750396


  • >Nice decor! Looks like a really cool place to dine, definitely a good place for photography.

  • thenomadGourmand

    >a recent post reviewed this plc in really bad light…i’m really wary of trying this plc now.
    And yes, the food did seem lackluster..if the nasi lemak cant make an impression,then my vote id already lost

  • ~Christine~Leng

    >wow.. a baba nyonya styled restaurant 🙂 Haven't actually explore the Damansara area enough. I should when I'm back! mimi, r u using a new camera? haha.

  • >cincalok is an acquired taste, much like budu and tempoyak.

  • Life for Beginners

    >Hmm, the decor reminds me a tad of The Sire in Penang… Nice, a stroll down memory lane… 🙂

  • >你去了這家阿…
    之前經過很多次 我都還沒有去試
    餐廳的裝潢擺設看起來不錯呢 很馬六甲feel
    我其實一直以為他們是做 wok 之類的概念

  • >Nice interior of the restaurant. But the food is average? I have no idea what is cincalok, guess I have a lot to learn bout nyonya food. 🙂

  • >i think i might come here to take pictures..hehe..cos the interior is really nice. i wonder if they have wifi as well.

  • >Pork Cincalok look yummy

  • >Thanks for the info. Will visit soon, near my office. Hope it's easy to find..

  • >the deco is so nice and unique. ahhh now i wanna try the pork chincalok. interesting combo.

  • >colin: Good for photography indeed 🙂

    thenomadgourmand: Maybe u can have a try urself then post ur review 🙂

    christine: Yeah, I bought my new camera b4 CNY but the photo still quite bad actually 😛

    j2kfm: I had cincalok fried egg at Malacca b4, it taste good!!

    life for beginners: I think this restaurant origins from Penang too ~.~

    影子: 看了别人介绍就去试试咯 🙂

  • >sugar bean: Cincalok is one type of preserved food (shrimp to be exact)

    nic: Only take photo meh, must eat something mah =.=''. Sorry not sure they have WIFI or not 😛

    sock peng: But that's not my liking 🙁

    happy happy: U r so lucky that ur office near Kota D'sara, there have lots of eateries~~

    xin: Hope u like it~~

  • >http://www.what2seeonline.com/2009/06/peranakan-nyonya-dinner-hot-wok-penang/

    Review by our penang blogger.

    Yes it is the same as Hot Wok Penang.

  • >met with really really bad service, and waited ages for the waitress to come take the order.

    the owner of the restaurant is one heck of arrogant fellow. wouldn't even want to help out the staff, as they were lack of it
    he just sat there, and barked orders

    and they couldn't just notify the customers earlier when one of the dish is not available anymore, until i needed to wave my hands to death, asking for the waitresses to come over and asked about where is the dish that i ordered, as i have already finished my rice!

    and talking about rice, they serived the dishes before the rice, and left them cold on the table, before i had to shout my lungs off to ask for rice.

    the worst thing is, instead of impressing my in laws with a new place i found on the net about how good is the food, turned out to be a farce.

    i had but no choice to tell the waitress when the bill came, that she should quit her job, because her boss is an arrogant, selfish man, and wouldn't care less about his staff, let alone offering decent service
    to his customers
    i told her not to waste her life there..

    this is the first time and the last time tat arrogant fellow of a boss, who don't know nothing about running a business where he fails to realize that customers are gold, is ever gonna get one cent of my hard-earned money ever again

    one of the worst dining experience of my life.
    i was fuming when i left the place

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