Thirty Seconds @ Bandar Sri Damansara, Kepong

Thirty Seconds Cafe, another great discovery of mine recently that offer reasonably priced  good food at my neighbourhood.


Ever wonder why 30 seconds? It’s actually the ideal length of time to pull a normal shot of espresso.






Stirring up a homey yet sophisticated facade with mostly earthy tone completed the space. White walls, wooden tables, mixtures of light wooden chairs and some unique pieces made from recycled materials by the owner’s father.



Illumination came from the ample of natural lights penetrate from the ceiling-to-floor glass panel and also exposed light bulbs sparingly placed in the cafe.



A contrasting blue wall with book shelves added the vibrancy of the overall setting.





A corner more suitable for a laid back chit chat session over a cuppa or two.



The al-fresco area is equally attractive with recycled oil drums tables paired with sturdy wooden crates for seats.





I really adored the interesting details in the cafe, everything combined together making it a great hang out place.




Cappuccino(RM 9.00)


Brewed using Sumatran coffee bean, the coffee had character with a hint of acidity and a pleasure dash of chocolatey.



XL Breakie(RM 15.00)


For this price I was pretty shocked by the portion which was really a rock-bottom deal! The breakfast platter consisted of 2 eggs, beef bacon, chicken sausage, sauteed mushroom, hash brown, ciabatta with butter and jam. The sunny-side-up was beautifully done, the egg white was perfectly set and with slightly runny egg yolk. The beef bacon was equally tantalizing, not too salty and generous in portion.



Spicy Duck Aglio Olio (RM 15.00)

My aglio olio scored well in terms of flavors and portion. Pasta was done al-dente infused with chili flakes which provide a pleasant heat sensation to the palate. They were never skimp on the ingredients as I found the amount of the mushroom and smoked duck was fairly satisfying. The sprinkles of cheese powder creating another dimension to the overall pasta.



30 Seconds Breakfast (RM 12.00)

Got this simple fried ramen for Sam. Topped with 2 sunny-side up accompanied with chicken sausage and salads in sesame dressing, the ramen looked really pale and totally couldn’t ignite my interest to touch it at all but after the first bite, I was sold! It was really flavorful and brilliantly seasoned, I was literally stole almost half plate of it.


Second visit:-


Long Black (RM 5.00) & Hibiscus Rosehip (RM 6.00)


Mushroom Soup (RM 6.00)

Served in a coffee cup, the mushroom soup had a nice creamy texture with abundance of  mushrooms bits. The earthiness of the mushroom stood out and not too overpowered by the cream.



Creamy Chicken Linguine (RM 12.00)

A more than generous portion of pasta with chicken cubes, capsicum, onion and parsley drenched in a slightly watery cream sauce. The texture and flavor were on the light side, if you are seeking for a thick creamy version, this may stray you far away from that.



Fatty Rice (RM 10.00)

Highly recommended by the owner, I had their version of nasi lemak that came with a huge fried drumstick! Indeed very “fatty” >_<



The consistent brown hue that is the proof of perfect deep frying. Extremely crunchy skin with tender and juicy meat, sinfully addictive.It’s an indulgence worthy of every calories it packs. The accompanying sambal was well executed as well, not too spicy with subtle hint of sweetness which really suit my taste bud. My only gripe about this dish was the rice was lack of coconut fragrance.



Checked out their dessert selection and I was intrigued by the Gula Melaka Banana cake. Perhaps tea time for next visit?




Thirty Seconds

7, Jalan Margosa SD 10/4a, Bandar Sri Damansara

52200 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603-26323919

Business Hour: Mon to Sun: 8.00am ~ 9.00pm (Close on Wed)



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