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Far from the busy & happening of SS2 heartland, Toast & Roast hidden away at secluded side of the commercial area. If not the power of blog & the assistance of GPS, we definitely couldn’t find it.

Roselle Juice & Teh Ice


Char Siew Hakka Noodle

It’s my 1st time had Hakka noodle & I really love it. Served with chopped spring onions & fried fish skin which look & taste like pork lard. It might looks plain & barely any colour for the sauce but I fall in love immediately after my 1st sip. The texture of the noodle was springy & cooked to al-dente with no lye taste.

The char siew was awesome too. Caramelized & glistening skin infused with sweetness & the meat was succulent & tender.


Luscious char siew with exquisite layers of fat.


Char Siew & Poached Chicken Rice
The poached chicken was nothing to shout about 😛


Pork Balls
Very solid chewy pork balls with hints of dry cuttlefish taste~~








Toast & Roast

No.20, Jalan SS2/72, Petaling Jaya, 47300 Selangor D.E.
(Next to Ken Damansara II Condominium)

Tel: +6016-6822249

Toast and Roast


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