Top 1 Chicken Rice 陈记海南鸡饭 @ Klang

How you spent your recent long weekend? I stayed at KL because I just came back from Penang the week before. Nothing much I did throughout the holiday except a lunch gathering with friends and the usual loitering at shopping mall. But I’ve discovered a hidden gem which I can’t wait to share with you guys on my impromptu half day “makan-makan” trip to Klang.


Top 1 Chicken Rice 陈记海南鸡饭 situated at a food court at Jalan Gelugor, Klang was mentioned by hubby when I suggested this trip. Not sure how he get to know this place but there’s not many online reviews. Didn’t know what to expect so I just follow. ^__^

With assist of navigation apps, we were brought to a food court which houses a few eateries and Top 1 Chicken Rice is one of them. The friendly boss approached to us once we were seated and asked for food portion we wanted to order. No complicated menu here because there are only two options; poached chicken and roasted chicken (limited 2 birds per day).

Seriously, this is one of the best rice I’ve eaten thus far! It looked unpretentiously like normal white rice but when the first spoonful was sent to my mouth, I was taken. The rice was cooked to a textbook perfect texture and flavor, glutinous and awesomely flavorful and fragrant. I can have this alone without chicken or any sauces.


We had portion for two for the chicken and we were told that the chicken is 大山脚鸡 (literally translated as Bukit Mertajam Chicken) which is provided fresh daily. Sitting on pool of soy sauce and sliced cucumber, the poultry was not as meat as the farm chicken but I’m not complaining as the meat was succulent and tender. The chicken also also served topped with minced Bentong ginger and you can request for more if you’re fan of it (refill of ginger is FOC) If you are not fond of the spiciness of the ginger, inform the boss upfront.


There are chili sauce, dark soy sauce and wine infused soy sauce on each table which is highly recommended by the boss to eat with the chicken.

Total: RM16.00 includes chicken for 2 person, 2 rice & 2 herbal tea, very wallet-friendly and I don’t think we can get this price at KL.


The one who standing in the photo is the affable boss, Mr. Tan who’s proud of the authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice he offered and chat happily with his customers when he’s free.


Verdict: The chicken rice was surprisingly beat my expectation and certainly well worth checking out if you’re at this area. Nothing too fancy at this place but some straight forward food (chicken rice to be precise :P) and hearty comfort food.


Top 1 Chicken Rice 陈记海南鸡饭

Jalan Gelugor, 41050 Klang, Selangor.

Tel: +6016-284 6962 (Mr. Kelvin Tan)


  • Ah yes, Bukit Mertajam’s chickens are very tasty…the skin is not as fatty as yuk kai and the flesh has more flavour. I once mistook them for choi yin kai (at a place famous for char siew under the Meng Kee family) until I was told the chickens are from Bukit Mertajam.

    I can see why you like the rice as it has nicely separated grains though it looks white and doesn’t have the colour of a good chicken stock in it. Limited to 2 birds per day? Is that per table or the entire day? Wakakakaka! 😀

    • Kris, don’t be fooled by the plain and pale looking rice, it is really nice and fuul of chicken stock flavor! The roasted chicken is limited 2 birds for entire day 😛

  • i like bentong ginger, so i will ask for a refill! 😀

  • I know this place, one of my regular char kuih teow places 😀

  • 姜蓉满满的海南鸡,光看就觉得很开胃。古早味的店面吃的可是情怀,会让食物加分不少的。

    • Eugein, 招牌就是打着古早味而且老板是一副老实人的样子,很骄傲自己的古早味海难鸡饭,呵呵。只可惜我和老公都不是和姜很熟,所以有点浪费了那么”名贵”的文冬姜蓉。如果你喜欢,这里值得一试哦,还可以续盘姜蓉 😛

  • Looks good! I think I can eat one bird on my own hahaha!

  • Oh, so the rice is very flavorful. It looks like plain rice. Well, I am always on look out for delicious chicken rice. It’s one of my favorite foods and I always prefer the poached chicken with lots of ginger!

  • The rice looks so white, I can’t imagine how good it can be but I trust your words so we’ll have to make a trip here one of these days. After all, my boys are crazy over chicken rice 🙂

    • Merryn, Thank you for believing my words *muaks The boys like poached chicken? Because there is only limited 2 roasted chicken available per day. After chicken rice you can continue your food hunting at Klang such as famous fried chicken + Yao Yao Bing 😛

  • I did not go anywhere too during the recent long weekend. Scare of crowd and peanut butter traffic jam xD

    Price is indeed reasonable!

  • What a heavenly & bombastic description of the rice being cooked to a textbook perfect texture and flavor!! My saliva just flooded my whole mouth… I have bookmarked this place and will really visit there soon!
    I will show that affable boss Mr Tan your blog and beg him for extra chicken & rice free. Kikikikiki

    You really made me fatter with all your foodie posts but your hubby is still so thin. I am confused la.

    • TM, Really, I’m not “kua jiong” lah, the rice is really really really good (too good until I must say 3 times, haha!) I can eat the rice alone without any sauces or even the chicken! Extra chicken from boss I cannot promise ya, but let me know how you feel after trying ya ^__^

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