Travelling to Taiping? Here’s Where to Stay and What to Do!

Here’s an idea! Are you thinking of going domestic this holiday season? Believe it or not, Malaysia also has its perks and gems suit best for a holiday vacation. God knows we all need a holiday this end of the year. Why not explore our neighbouring states? Let’s get out your best Malaysia map, close your eyes, take a thumbtack and pin it in! We’re doing this the fun way. Oh, look! I got Perak. Here’s a brief look on where to stay and what to do if you find yourself travelling to Perak, specifically, Taiping, Perak.

Where To Stay?

Sentosa Villa Resort

Nature has its way of swaying us into total serenity. If you’re one of those types, you will find this hotel very interesting. Nature is the very concept they opt for. You will be surrounded by mountains, trees and fresh air above all else. You’ll be picking villas instead of rooms here, so it’s a pretty good location if you’re travelling large. You can get the feeling of being in a fantasy home in the forest. You can also get the chance to try out various local fruits as they provide their fruit farm for you to harvest. Durian, anyone?

Check out my stay a few years ago at Sentosa Villa Resort.


Bukit Merah Laketown Resort

Looking at the best hotel in Taiping, Bukit Merah Laketown Resort have automatically put itself on the list. Why? Well, the main thing will be it’s pretty much next to the main attraction in Taiping – Bukit Merah Waterpark. I don’t know about you, but I have a fun theme park located several steps away from my hotel, I would say “Yep, please give me a room!”. Aside from that, Bukit Merah Laketown Resort is very family-friendly, if you look at the surrounding, it has that fun and creative vibe to it. If you are travelling with family, I think this will be a pretty nice place to stay.


Novotel Taiping Perak

Do you like shopping? If you do, then maybe having a hotel set together with one of the central shopping mall location in your travelling destination might be a selling ticket here. Novotel Taiping Perak is right on top of the Taiping Mall. Although it may not seem like crazily exclusive, it’s one of those “it’s not what it seems” scenario where once you go inside and check out the facilities, you’ll know you made the right choice. I heard their Premier Room is very over the top in the sense of facilities and comfort level.


What To Do?

Now we know the top three places you can opt to check-in during your holiday, what kind of attractions Taiping has anyway?


Taiping Lake Garden

Again, if you like blending with nature during the holidays, you can always come here. It’s like a national park-ish for the locals here. The site is pretty decent with the view of the lake right in front of your eyes. You have all the space you need to relax, unwind or do recreational activities with family and friends! It’s a perfect spot to snap some memorable shots for your social media too. Let’s not pretend we don’t want to take pictures while we’re at it, am I right? *Wink wink


Perak Museum

Not sure if you know this or not, but Perak have one of the richest histories in Malaysia. It can’t beat Melaka, but its historical values are nonetheless fascinating to learn about. Learn about the only proof of the existence of Paleolithic age in Malaya or the rise of natural rubber industry plus the Pangkor Treaty in 1874 that shaped history as we know today. Take your time to visit the Perak Museum and see for yourself. I think history is worth remembering and learn from. I think that’s why I find museums to be interesting in its own way.


Larut Hill

Larut Hill was formerly known as Maxwell Hill, and sometimes the locals still go by this name, so if you get confused, don’t be, you can use either one. This definitely goes out to the adventure junkies out there. Are you up to conquer this 1,250 meter above sea level hill? What’s great about this hill is that even if you’re not a professional hiker, you can still get a good climb out of it. Imagine the scenery you will find when you reach the top? Cue photography session! FYI though, considering the area is the location with the highest rainfall in Malaysia, be sure to check the weather when you decide to go on the hike. It’s a lot more fun when you are not in any danger during your holidays.

You may check out my little food hunt at Taiping too if you’re a foodie like me 😛


So, what’s your domestic holiday plan? Where did you end up when you’re pinning the map? Are you a spontaneous traveller? What kind of adventure are you looking forward to this end of year holiday? Share your stories with me!


Have a great holiday, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everybody!






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