Tray Cafe @ Plaza Damas

Another round of breakfast series will be featured here & let’s kick start with the one I’ve tried last Sunday~~~


Tray Cafe, a quaint and cozy cafe located at Plaza Damas took over Haute Food Co. Sharing the similarity of cafe setting and food served, this place warrants a laid back and homey dining experience.



Lunch specials were hand written on a small chalk board displayed in front of the cafe, the list is changed everyday, check out the update on their FB page 🙂



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The small and airy space furnished with wooden furniture, slightly cramped but I like the relaxing vibe. Please be earlier if you planning to come here for breakfast/brunch,  the cafe was filled up after 11.00am.

 Photo courtesy from CY



Some framed interesting quotes adorned the wall.


I couldn’t keep my eyes off the display cabinet once I stepped in, do you know why?



Irresistible, don’t they? We had to order dessert, in fact we made sure to save room for it 😛



Handmade cookies also available, oh my there are so many desserts I want to try, I wish I have a bigger stomach ~.~ *Ahem…Good excuse to make a second visit :P*



Flat White (RM 8.50)

Decent with a pleasant sourness after taste.



Iced Chocolate (RM 10.00)

I can taste the mild bitter tinge which was quite different from the usual utterly sweet chocolate drink. From what I read from others review, this was made with real choc pieces, can someone enlighten me on this?



Mushroom & Cheese Omelet (RM 10.00)

Served with 2 slices of ciabatta bread with butter, the omelet was done pretty well.


Aromatic with adequately amount of sliced mushroom scattered in the omelet however I can merely detected the cheese in it.



Salmon Omelet (RM 14.00)


The salmon omelet was equally tantalizing too with more than generous amount of salmon in it. Satisfactory guaranteed!



Lemon Meringue (RM 12.00)

Among all the delectable looking dessert, Sam insisted to have this! * Don’t ask me why and actually I’ve persuaded her to get the Panna Cotta or English Trifle but mission failed T_T *

Not too sweet and the sourness of the lemon filling had balanced up the overall taste. I like the crumble base the most but we were too full to finished up the dessert >.<



Verdict: Good food with reasonable price, this place definitely warrants a second and even third visit to further their menu.



IMG_4634   Tray Cafe
  H-0-2, Plaza Damas
  60, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1
  50480 Kuala Lumpur.
  Tel: +603-6201-3168
  Open: 10am-5pm daily, except



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