Tune Hotel Ipoh @ Jalan Veerasamy, Ipoh

Latest update! Tune Hotel Ipoh is no longer operating from 15th June 2014. If you are still keen to enjoy the Tune Hotel experience, the nearest will be Tune Hotel Taiping which is about an hour drive from Ipoh town.

This is a quite a late post (even the Ipoh hotel has relocated… haha) but I believe that if you have been into one Tune Hotel, you will experience the same at Tune Hotel elsewhere.

Very early this year (right before Chinese New Year) I’ve made a family trip to Ipoh for a wedding dinner. Since it’s outstation, why not stay a night there and explore all the goodness of Ipoh, I meant food of course. After searching high and low, we have opted to stay at Tune Hotel plus its easier on the wallet since we wanted to splurge more on food. It was not difficult to locate the hotel if you are armed with GPS device. The ample parking spaces at basement of the hotel building is definitely something commendable.



The check in/out counters

The check in & check out process was swift & we proceed to our room while lugging our own luggage. (Please don’t expect concierge service =.=”)

Reminder: Each room is given only ONE access card. Therefore it is very inconvenient if both you and your partner has separate plans and end up the one with the room key is not back yet (this is scenerio of course is completely fictional as I stick to my hubby).



The small waiting area at lobby.



The walkway to the room.



Nice black & white framed scenery photos from different countries near the elevator.



The size of the room was compact and small as expected but we can easily move around since we have only one small luggage.



Our queen size bed was comfortable enough for a good night’s rest, also equipped in the room are a small desk, hangers, ceiling fan and in-room safe which included in the room charge you’ve paid.




LCD TV but you need to pay a surcharge to use it.



Each room is equipped with one air-conditioning unit and again the usage of the air conditioning unit is charged separately too. For us, the ceiling fan is efficiently cooling but we bought the air-cond add-on in advanced.




The condition of the bathroom has my nod of approval as it’s clean and equipped with powerful hot shower. A rather nice surprise is that hair dryer, tissue roll and a small hand tower are available without any additional surcharge.



Towel, soap, shampoo and WIFI access are the other add-on we have taken. Do beware that only one towel is included in the tote bag so if you have two person staying, it’s better to get two toiletries package! We did not opt for two toiletries package!! #feltannoyed



Maybe it’s the location of my room as the WIFI signal was not strong and only one device is allowed to connect in it per single time.



Did I mention that there is no electric kettle in our room? Therefore, this water dispenser (hot & cold) is our only source of hot water in whole hotel which is inconveniently located at ground floor, near the lobby.  At least that’s my own assumption as I couldn’t find any at the other floor.

Thus, it is not ideal for family with children to choose this hotel. We need to go all the way down to the lobby when we need hot water to make milk for Sam >.<



There is a flea market right opposite the hotel every Sunday.




Some of the interesting stuffs on sale in the market.

For room rate please refer to Tune Hotel WEBSITE.


Verdict:  Based on my stay here, Tune Hotel is not really child-friendly but it suitable for solo traveler on a budget where you can choose any “luxury” options at additional surcharges. For those who can live with it, it is indeed a good option as the basic amenities given such as the cleanliness, the bed and the high pressure heated shower were fairly satisfying.



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