>Wanton Mee @ Changkat Tong Shin

>Last Saturday midnight when hubby & I driving around KL to look for a place to have our supper, he suddenly ask me whether I want to eat Wanton Mee when we were at Jalan Alor area. He told me there was a nice Wanton Mee at this area, without waiting for my answer he already park his car in front of Hotel Alpha Genesis not far away from the Ngau Kee Beef Noodle.

I saw a small stall with some dim light at the roadside with a few tables (5-6) but all occupied by customer already.

As hubby told me, the owner of this stall is an old man who was cooking wanton mee in front of the stall, assisted by a young man probably is his son?

Not too appetizing by just looking at this bowl of wanton mee because of it’s messy presentation. The texture of the mee is quite hard for me, the ingredients like char siu, minced meat & wanton taste mediocre too but hubby claimed that it was delicious with the special sauce. Maybe the environment make me feel uncomfortable (dirty? >.<) to dine.... But if by judged by the crowd, hubby's word definitely a correct one. At Changkat Tong Shin, after Ngau Kee Beef Noodle.
In front of Alpha Genesis Hotel.


  • >i also dont like food beside the road..seem not very hygiene 😛

  • >I am becoming addicted to these Malaysian blogs. You guys really know how to eat. I am just a round bellied american. Maybe I would not do well to eat there.

    Keep blogging

    Terima kasih

  • >well… maybe u shd go try the one at Sg Besi, near BP (now BHP ?)
    heard that one also very good ~ ^_^

  • "Joe" who is constantly craving

    >heard abt dis..the old man takes his own sweet time..drink abit cook abit 1..

    the sg besi wasnt great wor, tried it..

  • >the kik kok i order is rm 3.50(you can refer to my photo ^^)..others flavor got diff price lo^^
    i also long time din eat wantan mee le^^ miss it

  • >bearlim : But some r really yummy, can’t resist 😛

    keith : Thanks for ur support, do visit often ya 🙂

    ling : Heard abt that also, open at midnight too…

    joe :ya, hubby said last time when he visit it take long time to get her wanton mee +.+lll

    bubuweiwei : Ok, Ok, will try it when i go there

  • >Kampung feel Wantan Mee… Look like my hometown wanton mee…. So how is the taste? I think the char siew sure no good one… Ha ha !!!

  • >keith: If you interested, visit my blog as well. http://chengyk99.blogspot.com/

  • >i also very prefer taiwan bian dang..better and nicer also more delicious and special lo^^

  • >chengyk: The char siu just taste normal… Btw where is ur hometown?

    bubuweiwei: really hope that our 7-11 will have such lunch box set +.+

  • >Always tempted to try but somehow people keep telling me not worth the wait. The noodle doesn’t seems to look like the springy egg noodle, am i right?

  • >Miu Miu: My hometown is Jerantut, Pahang… A very small town…

  • >precious pea:Ya, not the springy noodle… U heard this stall b4 too?

    chengyk: I knew Jerantut…

  • >the caramel puding looks so cute and delicious! yummmm

  • >我bf上兩個禮拜也是有帶我去吃,簡單的麵條有簡單的味道,他也說很特別不錯吃。

  • >Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  • >Good brief and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you seeking your information.

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