We met with Pororo!

Wonder what is Pororo? Let me introduce Sam‘s good friend

He is Pororo πŸ™‚

Where we met him? Here!

Zoo Negara located at Hulu Klang, Ampang.

These are Pororo & his friends~

Humboldt Penguins came all the way from chilling Czech Republic Zoo & live in this Rumah Penguin (Penguin House)

Pororo’s neighbour ~ The huge fishes

Other than Pororo, we met so many others animals, let’s see the thousands of photos we took O.O

My favorite animal πŸ™‚ Definitely the STAR in the zoo!

Giraffe!! I like the patterns on their body πŸ™‚

Baby giraffe

Oh, so sweet~~

sayang each other~

Monkey with red butt ^_-

Hungry huh, but sorry we can’t feed you~

Nile Hippopotamuses named Duke, Kibu and Chombie, it’s really funny when watching them walking with their big butt ^___^

Indian Bull

Goats =.=”

Savannah Walk, the largest open concept exhibit in the zoo, is a home shared by a variety of African animals like Sable antelopes, Scimatar horned oryx, giraffes, ostriches, zebras, and white rhinoceroses.

Giraffes at Savannah Walk


Ape Centre

Orang Utan posing~

I really can’t help myself to taking photos of him, he really look like an old ma, does he?

Meditation in progress, please don’t disturb.

Chimpanzee from Africa


I saw something BIG which really shocked me O.O”

Tiger from farrrrrrrrrrr >.<

Lion from farrrrrrr too >.<


We were”beary” happy when we saw them πŸ™‚

Bambi, the dotted deer~

Trying to escape huh @@

Keluang Man = Local Batman πŸ˜›

Lake which sits in the middle of Zoo Negara is home to over 300 free-roaming birds.

Painted storks, ibises, egrets, swans and pelicans.

Flock of birds will gather at the feeding spot!

Birds fight for fishes.

One of the fish in the Tunku Abdul Rahman Aqurium

Animal Show
Daily: 11.00am & 3.00pm/Friday: 3.30pm

Colourful Tram (RM 3.00 or adult, RM 2.00 for children)

Parking rate

Zoo Negara
Hulu Klang, 68000 Ampang, Selangor.

Tel: 03-41083422/7/8

For Opening Hours & Entrance Fees, please click Here


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