>Nowadays all fast food chain are having their lunch promotion eg: McDonald‘s, KFC, Pizza Hut, Of course Wendy’s joined the bandwagon..

Wendy’s Pack at RM 6.99 at Any Time, Any Day!!! Attractive huh~~

Available choices..

Since hubby don’t eat beef so he choosed a set which consists of Baked Potato with sour cream + chives topping, 3 pcs nuggets & soft drinks.

3 miserable looking nuggets but taste juicy & not oily at all, 3pcs definitely not enough!!! ^.^

Huge serving of Baked Potato with sour cream & chives topping. The sour cream compliment s the tasteless potato well & I believe it will taste better if butter is added ~~ 😛
(there are 3 choices of sauces for the Potato but I couldn’t remember the other two)

My choice of set : Cheese Burger~~

With standard ingredient such as cheese, pickled cucumber and lots of ketchup~~

Special square meat patty , extremely thin until I can’t taste it when I bite on it!!! =.=” Perhaps their ala-carte serving will be thicker~~


Times Square
Sunway Pyramid
Jaya One
IOI Mall
Jalan Sultan Ismail


  • >My friend said the food there not nice ler…

  • >nothing special bout their burgers lah, though yup, they DO NOT cut their corners.

    the soft serve ice cream is nice, (forgot the name), but the baked potatoes so-so only.

  • >we find this so-so..

  • >interesting!! must go try next time

  • 孤傲的王子

    >penang don’t have, so cannot try….hehehe

  • >I will go for the triple on a empty stomach. Its yum.

  • thenomadGourmand

    >was nvr impressed w Wendy’s. Carls’s stil gets my vote for fast-food burgers..

  • Shell (貝殼)

    >I haven’t try Wendy’s till now =.=

  • >6.99 sounds like a good deal. Hope to try Wendy’s out soon. Another alternative to McD and KFC.

  • >i like the chilies at wendy’s! the beef and the beans go well. at times, i wish i had rice to go with it..hehe

  • ~Christine~Leng

    >I’ve tried Wendy’s once…. and I don’t really fancy it ;P

  • >I still prefer BK lor.

  • >now they have shrimp one…

  • >akira: Maybe some of the food are mediocre 🙂

    j2kfm: Ice cream nice? Will try it next time 🙂

    cuni&ciki: Many ppl said so~~

    duckie: Hope u like it 😛

    孤傲的王子: Hope they will expend to other states soon~~

    worldwide: Triple?

  • >thenomadgourmand: Never try Carl’s but found it quite pricey for fastfood 😛

    shell: U have too many waiting list, haha~~ XD

    sugar bean: Ya~~

    nic: Heard that chili is good, hope can try it soon ~~

    christine: Really nothing special though~~ 😛

    jason: BK’s burgers are yummier~~

    squall: Ya, saw their advertisement~~

  • >when we stay at USA, we dun like eat Wendy
    unless not choice

  • >me went there once and was quite disappointed. *sigh* MacD chicken macdeluxe is much better than theirs

  • 550ml jar of faith

    >I was inspired by your post to give this another try yesterday, after drinking. I had the fried chicken and nuggets set… really disappointed! The chicken felt so stale, like it’d been sitting there for the whole day. I think I should just order ala carte next time!

  • >sock peng: I don’t like fast food too 😛

    xin: But I don’t really fancy burger 🙂

    550ml jar of faith:So sorry to heard that, will avoid the fried chicken next time ~.~

  • >应该尝试那里的ice cream!好吃!

  • >Ah Wendy’s got value lunch too. Nice, nice. Can try different thing. I wonder whether BK got or not.

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